Who is taking curcumin and b12 and milk thistle for PBC I feel curcumin may lower hepatic duct inflammation and SED rate

Diagnosis with positive AMA - so if immune system is attacking the body in case of PBC shouldn't we find natural anti inflammatories to see if they work to stop the hepatic liver ducts from becoming inflamed - thus hopefully stopping or slowing inflammatory progression thus salvaging the liver?

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  • Shores

    Absolutely!! I will be learning the program a functional medicine doctor is setting up for me with the intention of doing this very thing. Half of his patients have autoimmune disease and when I asked him how many of them he was able to help, he said all of them. He's got the blood work to prove it. I will be seeing him this Monday and will share what he does with me.

    I am not taking curcumin or B12 or milk thistle (anymore) but a doctor at Mayo many years ago noticed I was taking N-Acetyl Cysteine and L-Glutathion and asked me how I knew to take these things. I told him I read it in a magazine and he told me to keep taking them. At some point down the years I stopped. I am now in the process of trying to figure out what exactly I should be taking to bring down the inflammatory response. This approach makes sense, to me!!

  • Yes please do reply with what you find out. I've only been diagnosed a month ago and would like to try a natural approach as well, but I am not finding info on it. Any suggestions on where to start looking would be appreciated.

  • Hello Shores.

    Well I am all for taking something more natural than a chemical medication if available.

    I did y own experimenting with milk thistle later 2012 after a bit of a slight climb in LFTs that year and got a good result from my repeat bloods. I then stopped taking milk thistle and my next one was still good. After another slight climb months later I took milk thistle again and once again got a good result so reckoned it was of some use.

    I did take again during last yr but then my results the last two times didn't reflect it at all so I haven't been taking it since later last year now.

    I think due to new regulations about herbal products and the fact that in UK milk thistle now is greatly reduced in mgs and also price I expect you'd have to take the higher equivalent. When I originally started experimenting I was taking the higher dose pre-regulation and that is my explanation of it now.

    I did find an article on coffee last year (it is on one of my old Posts using Coffee in the title), that is apparently good for drinking with regards to the liver but not in excessive consumption. Onions are reputed to be anti-inflammatory. I also read that turmeric was apparently good for the liver area too.

    I think with alternative medicines the biggest problem is that a lot of positives appear to be lacking. I've heard allsorts and read allsorts with regards to milk thistle and have been convinced myself but at present I know for me all I am taking is the urso. I think in my case it was fine when I did experiment myself but had there not been the new regulations would have been easier to continue but I feel milk thistle at present is quite sky high in pricing. I know using the new packaged lower mg of milk thistle last year it wasn't for me making any difference whatsoever.

  • Need a thistle with a goodly silybin amt. Check Iifeextension.com to read about European milk thistle. Can also go to swansonvitamins.com Problem is many older doctors know nothing about alternative supplements so they tell you "don't take any". Curcumin has been proven to reduce inflammation. Even rheumatologist read about it.

    Seems to me methotrexate tablets very hard in liver. At least if you take by injection in arm - will not go through the regular channels. Simple and cheap if doctor wants you on it. Something to think about.

    Who has had their levels go UP WHEN TAKING MILK THISTLE. THAT IS THE QUESTION.



  • I tried a lot of different milk thistle...didnt change my labs or tests at all it seemed. Tried curcumin and labs actually elevated. Good idea though...mite work for others...if anything lk that d oes..let the rest know;)

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