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Latest ultrasound scan

I was sent a couple of days ago for an ultrasound scan to see why the pain on the upper right quadrant of my stomach had become worse along with poor blood results. My liver is still in good condition considering I have had pbc for over 15 years. However the lymph glands on my duct from liver to pancreas is more enlarged than the last time I was checked. I am rather worried about what this means and await the consultants verdict. Just dont know how long that will take. Meanwhile very sore :-(

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I had a flare up of AIH/PBC overlap 2 years ago, after 15 years or so of being stable. They did a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis after finding enlarged nodes in my liver. This was reassuring - in that it was due to inflammation rather than a tumour. I hope that info is reassuring for you. It is likely you'll have a further scan (the CT is more detailed than a simple ultrasound). It's unlikely to be anything other than inflammation but they do have to rule other things out.


Hi, thanks for your helpful comment. I have just heard that the lymph nodes are inflamed a little. Funnily enough I was quite relieved because they are doing their job. Consultant also said that this is classic of pbc. They are going to give me regular scans to make sure they dont grow any bigger. My bloods are really bad just now and they are going to do regular checks although they dont seem overly concerned. We are going on holiday to Egypt tomorrow. I love flying but unfortunately my body doesnt and it will take a couple of days to recover. At least I can do that in the sun :-)


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