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Is "Ultrasound with shear wave elastography" test same as "Fibroscan"?

Hello everyone!

I live in the US, WA state. Diagnosed with PBC in August of 2016. I had a liver biopsy done in 9/2016, to establish the baseline. Since then I had one "ultrasound with shear wave elastography" done, approximately 6 months after the liver biopsy. I read a lot of posts about "fibroscan". I wonder, if this is the same test as wave elastography that I had. Maybe in other countries it's called fibroscan?

The test I had was similar to regular ultrasound, only much more painful. The tech was pressing hard around the abdomen and also on the side, against the ribs. I was amazed how painful the test turned out. It lasted about 20-30 min. I am wondering if this test is painful to others, or, it's just me.

Thanks for your input.

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I had a fibrosis (instead of liver biopsy) to stage fibrosis of liver. The test took less than 10 minutes. The tech put probe on rib and there were about 14 pulses. It was uncomfortable but not painful. After I left I had a bit of pain/tenderness on the rib but it was gone in short order.


I had fibroscan last week. Not painful, but when technician sends waves in, it thumps you. Took about 10-15 minutes.


Hi iagra.

I can tell you that fibroscan and shear wave elastography are not the same technologies although used for the same purpose. I've had both tests in the same appointment.

Fibroscans, as others have said, create a pulse of pressure that feels and sounds like a dull 'thump'. I found the shear wave did involve some pressure but was only slightly uncomfortable rather than painful, and didn't take long, maybe 5-8 minutes.

My first fibroscan gave a somewhat worrying result, but I was told this was probably an aberration because the individual readings that get averaged out for the score were very scattered. The shear wave however was reasssuringly in the normal range, and I was told to rely more on that. At my 2nd appt, both fibroscan and shear wave gave similar normal results. How were your scores?

Best wishes


Thanks for your input! I don't know about the "score". But, the result was OK. No scarring was detected.

I need to talk to my gastro about the test. Why it took so long and why was it so painful. Maybe of course it was just me.

Best of luck to you and good health!


Fibroscan is another name of Elastograpy, I believe! It should not be painful 😖

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Thanks for your input. I'll talk to my gastro about it. It was really painful for me.

Good health to you!


Agree 👍


I didn't consider it painful, however, she pressed pretty hard in one area & that wasn't comfy. Later that night I noticed in that one area, I had a big whep about the size of a quarter & im sure that's where she pressed hardest.



I do remember it being painful when she pressed so hard and it seemed to take so long

Good health to all :)

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G'morning! Just wondered if you've gotten your fibroscan results?


My fibroscan wasnt painful at all it was just like an xray


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