I had an ultrasound of my liver on Thursday. Normally when I have had them done before, they have just done the front of my abdomen. I am not normally a worrywart but on my ultrasound I saw at the top right of my liver a round something. it was dark inside and white surrounding. The sonographer then asked me to turn onto my left side and scanned my right rib/side, he also asked me to do the same for the left side. This is not normally done so Why?

Is it possible that with PBC/AIH overlap that a cyst could develop or even worse cancer. I am just a little concerned.


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  • My ultrasound included both kidneys. I had to turn on each side so they could include both kidneys. My right kidney had a fatty tumor on top of it . I did not look at the screen. I know it is nerve wracking. The whole exam made me nervous. Best wishes to you! I hope this makes you feel better.

  • Hi i get a scan twice a year and they scan me like that all the time, i always ask anything dodgy lurking there, touch wood each times ok x

  • Thank you for your replies. I was just a bit freaked that's all as I never have been scanned like that before, I will keep you informed about what happens.


  • Hi connie , Always have to roll on each side and hold ur breath that's normal so don't over think it ok did they do a report to read.. Hang in there ok we r all rowing this boat together ..

  • Yes my utlrasound I normally turn on my side, don't forget your pancreas is lying next to the liver so could be gall stones, I have one large gall stone which is just giving me jip now and again don't see consultant until August a few days before my birthday.....lovely.

  • Connie, please don't worry unnecessarily as the pictures we see are not the same as in the eyes of the nursing staff. Usually when they check you with an ultra sound they check, liver ,kidneys, aorta and pancreas. Bright shiny can be fatty deposits but it really Is best to wait for your results. If anything was seriously out of order they would have informed you. You can always ask at the time if anything of concern has shown up. After all it is your body. The dark area may just have been blood flow. Please don't let your imagination take over as it sounds as if you had a routine abdominal scan.J

  • Hiya Connie, Same here I get my liver scan done like this too. I normally have 2/year but last year I had 3 not sure why but so long as they don't find anything, I'm a happy bunny. As Jack and others have said, don't worry. All the best, M :-)

  • Thanks for your replies guys....I just am a bit concerned that's all....when you consider I am taking cytotoxic meds to kill antibodies off it kinda makes ya worry.....I take mercaptopurine. My dose was increased recently to double my original dose. I was not told when I started taking this drug that it is carcinogenic. I really do not want to take this any more and would rather stay just on steroids alone even if the dose has to be realistic enough to keep the antibodies away I have AIH/PBC overlap and recently found I have T3 toxicosis as well (thyroid).

    Looks like everything is breaking down in my system...will it ever improve.


  • id u want to know whats going on best thing i find write your questions down and ask at your next appointment keep well

  • Thanks guys....xx

  • I have my Ultrasound scan on Weds, not sure what to expect now. will make sure I ask lots of questions though

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