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I had the liver biopsy 2 moth ego which came positive (early PBC).Can I run MRI also?

To see how much damage is there?e

Can any body explains this to me 21 portal areas 3 needles core biopsies ...there is 2-3 steatosis with steatonecrosis. The portal areas show mild and moderate chronic active hepatitis . There is no evidence of cholestasis. The individual liver parenchyma cells show cells dropout and acellular nuclei showing no stainable iron on iron stain with appropriate control. Trichromatic stain with appropriate control shows septal and bringing fibrosis (early cirrhosis) I will appreciate any info...regars

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Yes your dr. could do an MRI, or Ultrasound and tell more about the size of the liver, and about the fibrosis, (scarring or thickening ) of the liver. Don't worry too much about that report, they put in every detail. A lot of these things are in mine, and says I did have cholangitis, portal fibrosis, and ductular proliferation. And this was 10 yrs ago, and in fact my bile numbers are less now. I've just taken the ursodiol for 10 yrs, and still there's been no big change.



Hi Magnolia, you so educated in this matter. Thanks for throwing some light, I am new to the subject and I really appreciated it.

I had yesterday 6 blood test done. I am positive that is going to be better I have been taking care my diet is vegan now I had lost 20 pounds since I was diagnosed. I will keep you inform .

Once again thanks you very much


Hi can I ask did u get a biopsy because your bloods wasn't right or was it because they are showing normal.


Enzymes are elevated for almost 4 years


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