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Saw my consultant yesterday bloods ok (don't think I've every been ok) ultrasound ok I do have gall stones but he said they are better left alone. He did say that I have something on my liver but the name evades me at the moment but nothing to worry about he said it was like a birth mark on my liver.....see told you I wasn't ok.....mentioned about bloating and he has put me on a wheat free diet and although only a day I do feel better. My consultant knew about 300mg Urso being recalled he knew about a month again but didn't say why.

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  • Hi Jude,

    My gastroenterologist suggested a gluten free diet in March because I looked absolutely pregnant and my stomach was bloated and hard. After several weeks of being GF, the bloat subsided and I've even lost about 40 lbs along the way. I found out about my PBC the following month, so for me, it's just as well that I changed to a healthier and more 'whole foods' diet. I did accidentally eat a regular wheat bagel last week rather than grabbing one that was GF, and instantly the bloat came back (as well as an immediate sickness that caused upchucking and diarrhea). For me, I now know the bloat was related to the wheat in my diet. Good luck to you!

  • I too have cut out gluten and have lost the bloat.. I've been bloated and had the pregnancy look for as long as I remember.. I also used to get pain along with the bloat.. All gone :-)

  • Jude --- Checking back with you to see what differences you have noticed after two weeks of being gluten free?

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