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Have just spoken to my G.P about the fact that 300mg Urso has been recalled she was helpful in saying that a prescription for 150mg would be written for me. I also phoned and spoke to the Pharmacist to ask if they had 150mg which they did as they had been delivered today. You can also get 250mg capsules this of course depends on your dose. I take 600mg a day at the moment. Also ask why they had been recalled they didnt know only that it was a manufactures problem. Think what you will. Hope this helps anybody out there. Don't ditch your 300mg tablets if anyone has any left.

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Oh glad I read this, I went to pick up my prescription today and was told urso had been recalled. They didn't have any 300mg only 150mg. Pharmacist is contacting doctor for me and letting me know tomorrow what is going on. Luckily I have a pack of 300mg spare, but hopefully only a temporary problem.


Do you find the new Urso strength different from the old one. I take two in the morning 150g and two in the evening. I had no adverse effects on the old strength but find these new ones are making me very light headed and the after taste of them is foul. Just wondered if anyone found them also different?


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