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Liver Biopsy at Central Middx Hospital

I have just had a biopsy at Central Middx Hospital. I was dreading it as 12 years ago the experience was very unpleasant. This time was completely different, the nursing staff were lovely and the doctor who performed the biopsy was outstanding. It was guided by ultrasound and carried out in private and not on the ward. The anesthetic was virtually painfree and so was the biopsy. Now at home recovering and would recommend the hospital to anyone.

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Thats goiod to hear why the biopsy? Do u have symptoms or was something detected in ur blood works? Keen to know and rest up ok


Bloods have been getting worse recently so consultant thinks I need re-staging. Have been level for 12 years. Possible cirrhosis now developing


I sent u a private message let me know if u rec'd it .. Ta


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