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Unique experience from PBC Group

I was diagnosed 5 months ago, today. I immediately began searching on the internet for information & support groups. This website has truly been a blessing for me, in more ways than one. I met a friend, Ann, on this site. She lives in the U.K. We started chatting on Facebook & then on the phone. She answered my questions & calmed my fears, concerning PBC. She & her husband recently flew over to the U.S. to spend their holiday with my husband & I. We were both excited & nervous. Everything went extremely well, & we had a wonderful time together. I feel as if i have known her for years & she has become a dear friend, & source of strength for me. We plan to spend our vacation with them, next year, in the U.K. It's true, that every cloud has a silver lining. afterall!

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Hi WendyMarie,

That is lovely that you have met a PBC friend in the support group, I was told in 1988 that I had PBC and would need a transplant within 10 years if I lasted that long. No Urso was available at that time so was on prednisolone for 5 years until I was put on the URSO a 2 year trial ........ well here I am all those years later and still doing well apart from the fatigue and other autoimmune diseases such as RA etc., I don't often post as so busy being a full time carer for my hubby. Wishing you and your new found friends all the best. Hugs Doreen


Thats great that its started something so good. :-)


I'm the Ann that Wendy refers to and yes we had a great time in USA and look forward to seeing Wendy and her husband next year in the UK. We talk often and support each other in our journey through PBC and have a good moan on occasions about our Drs (although mine is very good), NHS and the general pain in the neck that PBC is BUT if we all make the very best of what we have we'll get there in the end.


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