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Thank you :)

I just want to thank everyone on this site -as the advice and info on here is invaluable. I have not been formerly diagnosed with PA but I had many symptoms of low B12 despite a healthy diet. I suffer with Hypothyroidism. I started taking B12 sublingually along with a complex B tablet last September. I am so pleased as it has made a huge difference to me -My nails now grow so much that i have to cut them (first time ever in my life!!), I can exercise without next day feeling I have done 10 rounds wiht Tyson, my fatigue bouts are much reduced though I do get them at times, I have had to lower my dose of meds for my thyroid as the b12 has much improved their uptake. Last week my boss said I looked incredibly well :) he doesn't normally comment on such things......

So a big big big thankyou to all you lovely people. Without you it wouldn't have happened. :) and I would have been doomed to increasing poor health. Thank you Thank you xxx

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I'm really happy for you. Its good to read about a success story. Hope you keep well.

Jo xx


Thank you Jo. I wish everyone on this site sucess as optimising their health -a chronic condtion means you stop looking for full blown good health -just the best you can get with what we know. Knowledge is power which is why your site is so fantastic.... :) :)


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