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Just want to say thank you for all the advice, the nurse who has been doing my injections (last one mon) knows nothing bout b12 deficiency -so not useful.... so really glad to have this support... I have a headache today and blurred vision so just resting the aching has got better but still there, people have reported bad skin breakouts, I have suffered with acne all my life.... on the positive since injections my skin looks great! Last one Monday from loading and I have asked for review with doc Monday as after it wasn't picked up initially I'm not leaving anything to chance this time I've taken time of work so hope to be a better repaired version of me soon....thanks again xc

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  • I hope you continue to improve Rhi83 and wish you well.

  • Hope your eye is better , how long have you had the pain in your eye ? My OH has PA and he's been suffering from pain behind his left eye , jaw pain , scalp tenderness , sweating , and nausea . We are waiting for his results of a temporal arteritis biopsy , hope yours gets better soon . Thought I'd mention it as their is little knowledge about this vasculitis related disease , take care .

  • Hello thank you for your reply only yesterday all day it has eased today x

  • Still feel pain around eye area and little blurry and noticed a dark patch where it is white so optician tomorrow I think for me x

  • Went to get checked all ok dark patch I'd nothing to worry bout just thinning of outer eye layer. ... was a migraine x

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