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B12 and Folate

I was having injections for b12 then my doc said the injections would stop and I'd be given folate.

My 'folate' prescription literally says Vitamin B12 on the box.

Confused! How can folate actually be b12?

My doc said if anyone is b12 deficient then giving them folate could cause neurological problems but how is this possible when folate IS b12?

Also my injections were hydroxo, but the tablet prescription is cyano!

I feel things are not quite right! So I haven't touched the cyano yet!

Any advice?

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By the way! Plain English please as I do not understand the medical jargon!



Hi Dusk 33,

You are right, cyanocobalamin is vitamin B12 and not folate, so your best bet is to go back to GP and ask why you have been given B12 tablets, as you understood you were going to get folate tablets.

I'd also ask why you are being taken off hydroxocobalamin B12 injections..usually treatment is for life...

Yes you should never have folate tablets without treating a B12 deficiency, as folate can mask the typical warnings in a bloodtest of a B12 def and then if a B12 def goes undiagnosed and un treated, neurological damage will keep it simple...

Kind regards,



Hi Dusk 33. Yes, sounds like the Doc has made a mistake, hes given you B12 again.. Folate is simply Folic Acid, Vit B9..... Strange as B12 you may still need too ?Good luck ...


Hi! Thanks Marre and jayneejay!

As soon as I read your answers I made an appointment with my doc today and he admitted there had been a mistake and prescribed me Folic Acid instead and also told me that I would be having the jabs for life after all!

Because my PA has caused neurological damage he's also put me on (from today) Gabapentin to prevent any more siezures. I know Gabapentin can deplete your b vitamins so that's why he's gave me folic acid and of course regular jabs.

So in all, a nice little care plan there! But without you, things could/would be a lot worse. Phew!

I'm so glad I joined this group as things could have been pretty bad healthwise there! So thanks again guys. x


Hi Dusk 33

Oh so pleased you got sorted, you can relax now, you still have your B12 and Folate (folic acid) .. just shows you, they do make mistakes.. : ( glad we could all be of help to you, all the best.... Jayneejay


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