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Easy Fundrasing

Hi everyone I ahve just bee introduced to the website Easyfundrasing and I have to say it is a brillent I dear. How it works is that if you shop online say at Tesco or Newlook if you buy throught this website it will give a certin amout spent to the chairty so I was waondering if any of you who do you weekley shop online instead of going to the Tesco website if you could do stright to the Easy Fund rasing website then you can do yours shopping and help to rasie money for the Pernicious Anaemia Society.

to have a look for youselfs please clink on the link Below


it would be a huge help if you could have a look if you could let me know what you think then that would be great please get in touch eaither by email : or call the office on 0165676717

thank you

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