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Supplements or Self Injections?

Hi there,

I have an NHS B12 injection every 10 weeks! I also take pills ..quite a high dose for underactive thyroid! I am always so tired and low well before the next B12 is due and am so fed up with this pattern in my life!

Can I take any supplements to spray, pills or patches...or should I be looking at self injections now? My Daughter has moved to Australia and wants me to visit when she marrys...but the way I sometimes feel I can never imagine getting over there...!

Any advice or help gratefully recieved...and so glad I found this tells me more than I have known about this condition in a few hours than years of acceptence of Doctors brief explanantion!

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Best bet is to first see GP and see if there is another reason why you are feeling so low, You could have become def in folate (common), or ferritine or your thyroid meds need adjusting etc. Get copies of bloodtests so you can see what is what and how things change over the years etc also helps to find out what is going down, serum B12 included naturally.

Self-medicating is always an option (after you have exhausted what ever options you have on NHS), Its realy a matter of trying what works for you, Methylcobalamin lozenges are popular and work for some, its not a cheap option. Self-injecting is cheaper and an another option (a lot are very pleased with subcutain injecting). You will need help and guidance with learning how to inject, but the freedom is very worth having. One can buy B12 ampoule freely over the counter in Australia.

Going to Australia is just a terribly long flight..but nothing more than sitting , eating and watching movies, hopefully sleeping a lot aswel. You just will feel drained when arriving, but will have an experience worth having for life! So please do go to your Daughter, its just hours of shut down on plane, but being there its just lovely and you will just have a wonderful time!!

Kind regards,



Hi Marre,

Many thanks for helpful reply...and aplogies for not signing off with my name!

Probably did not explain properly that after my b12 I am much better in myself in raised energy and mood so I am thinking that it really is the fact I am not getting enough injections!

It is the last 4 weeks or so when my batteries run right down!

I have recently had blood tests so I am assuming that all is showing fine...although it took many years to actually get on thyroid tablets as "Borderline" was always "OK" years ago...despite me being so wiped out and low!

I always take extra vitimin B a multi and Kelp to help and have just sent for Jarrow Lozengers to see if these make a difference! I really do want to explore more about self injections there any links to sites that can give you more information and on where to buy them? Grateful for any advice...

Australia is still not ruled out ...working on a House and Cat Sitter (9 would be a bit costly to put in a cattery) plus daughter has delays in her plans to so we will see but you made the flight sound like a breeze..."Thank you"

Best Wishes..Christine


Hi Christine,

There is more imnformation about self-injecting on the PAS Forum, see:


You do need a qualified person to teach you initially though. I found the nurses at my surgery very helpfull, the GP took some convincing, but eventually agreed..

Learning to self-injecting is very worth it, it saves you time and the NHS money, plus its so much better when you go away or have a very busy weekend etc to be able to help your self..when you need it, not having to wait or delay etc.

Kind regards,



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