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Injections and supplements?


Did/does anyone do injections and B12 supplements? I am getting weekly injections, but it only helps me feel better for a day or two. Neurologist I see (for different issue) suggested taking b12 daily in addition to the injection.

I had no idea how many different strengths of b12 there are - pharmacist recommended the 1000 mcg. Curious to know if anyone has done this?

Thank You,

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i supplement and self inject - most of the supplementation is via a nasal spray and but also some sublinguals - mainly because I mix and match different forms of B12 as different forms seem to do different things for me.

Its difficult to answer as to what dose to take - you can't overdose on B12 - unlike other vitamins and minerals and if you are going to develop a functional deficiency because of high serum B12 that will have been triggered by the injections so you need to keep levels high all the time. Suggest you start with 1000mcg and see how it goes - you can take it several times a day and if you are finding that it you are using quite a lot then you can up to a higher dose tablet.

Lorilee60 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you! I find I am directing my own recovery here.....pretty clueless with the MDs here about this!

Gambit62Administrator in reply to Lorilee60

not just where you are - states? - doctors almost everywhere.

as fbirder points out - there is no guarantee it will work for you but all you can do is try and see ... and try switching to different types of cobalamin to see if one works better for you than another

The best advice is - suck it and see.

Some people swear by sublinguals, others like patches, and some thrive on sprays. Personally, none of them do anything for me.

Lorilee60 in reply to fbirder

Thank you! I hate to think this will not get better, but I do know it is a possibility.

I self inject 1ml weekly from a rubber topped vial of cyanocobalamin. So i am able to split the dosage in half and take it twice a week,

As you said it only lasts 2 days so i fill in with methylcobalamin sublinguals- typically 4x 5000 mcg tablets.

And i spread 6x 800mcg folic acid tablets into three dosages.

I also take 1 daily multivitamin, 100 mg of B1 and 100mg of B6.

I found that by splitting the B12 is half the headache was not as severe.

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