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Hi I plan on ordering the Jarrow B12 lozenges from Amazon as suspect I'll not be offered further injections other than the regulatory 3 monthly ones after my initial 6 loading doses, and will also (after some very much appreciated advice) take a 400mg folic acid alongside to boost folate levels which were low-normal. My ferritin levels were also on the low end of 'normal' so would just a standard iron tablet suffice and if so is there one out there that people can recommend (pref one that won't cause constipation or needs to be drunk as a liquid)? I'm still on loading injections (4th one today) as a trial to see if any improvement in symptoms as doc doesn't think I'm deficient because results were normal for B12 (215) but from the advice given on this site I believe I need to ensure folate and ferritin are increased to an optimal level so that the B12 works. I'm also planning on having an Active B12 test done privately to rule in/out a deficiency as I would hope that even with the loading doses giving me a high overall B12 level in my blood, if my Active B12 comes back low then this may be the evidence the GP needs to extend my 3 monthly injections past the one year mark that she has written into my notes or can rule B12 deficiency out of the equation. Anyway if anyone can help with a good iron replacement tab that would be great - I have a Boots, H&B and also Amazon where I can shop so ideally need to be able to get from one of these. Thanks in advance :-)

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  • Hi Cooper 74. I have found the the Solgar Gentle Iron (Iron Bisglycinate) 25mg do not cause constipation. What I'm not clear on is whether iron prescribed by a GP will give you a higher intake.

    With respect to your questions about the active B12 test: that's something I am currently trying to get to the bottom of so I had better leave that to better brains than mine!

    Good luck

    P.s. I got the Solgar Gentle Iron via Amazon

  • Yup, I had a terrible time with iron sulfate but the iron glycinate is much kinder.

    However, 200mg of the iron sulfate contains about 40mg of iron while the 25mg of the glycinate is about 5 mg of iron. My levels were checked recently and were fine, so I reckon 5mg a day is enough for me.

  • Ah ha. That explains it. Thanks fbirder - another of those tricky thing to get right!

  • 215 is LOW, no matter what the doc says. Why do German doctors treat patients with B12 injections if they are 500 and under, and have B12 deficiency symptoms ? I suppose German doctors are stupid?

  • My last test came at 118, but my GPs lab says 110 is normal!!!!. I have persuaded GP to give me 5 weekly injections as I have increasing numbness and tingling in feet, but fortunately nothing else major. I am just getting over a bout of serious iron deficiency anaemia and taking ferrous sulfate. If I cannot get more injections as I don't think 5 will show much improvement. Is there a problem in taking sublingual tablets with iron tablets.

  • Unbelievable ignorance ! 110 is normal for someone with untreated B12 deficiency! I had completely numb feet at 150,and my doctor refused to treat Also dizziness,confusion and enlarged red blood cells. I went to a private G.P. at a Nuffield Hospital, who found I had P.A. THen I got 5 loading doses. since then I have self injected weekly and have managed to improve my feet which now just burn,but are not numb. Have you been tested for I F? You should have been . Although it's not perfect. I can't think that there is a problem taking sublingual B12 with iron.

  • Change Doctors. It easier than beating your head into the wall.

  • I must go now but for more information on supplements and sources you could look up my profile and see my post "My Experiences".

    Good luck!

  • My ferrous fumarate tablets contain 68.5mg of iron per tablet - so quite a lot more than the iron glycinate - and taking 3 a day has virtually no effect on my ferritin level. Depends how much iron you personally need to boost your levels. You could try the lower value supplement for a time and then get your ferritin retested to see the effect.

  • I took the same iron tablets you are, and in the same dose. It took me nearly two years to get my ferritin up to mid-range. The thing which finally made the difference for me was going gluten-free (no cheating allowed - being g-f "most of the time" is a waste of time, it must be done 100%).

    I had previously been tested for coeliac disease and was told it was negative so I carried on eating gluten until desperation made me give it up as an experiment. My ferritin shot up and got over mid-range within three months of giving up gluten.

  • Thanks - that's interesting. In your testing for coeliac did you just have the blood test or did you have an endoscopy too?

    I think mine might be due to h pylori. Need to get back to the GP and ask for treatment to see whether that has any effect.

  • I had an endoscopy. I don't know whether blood tests were done as well.

    The endoscopy was done about 4 or 5 years before I decided, in desperation, to give up gluten.

    I got other benefits from going g-f besides the increase in my ferritin. I stagger a lot and it seems to have multiple causes. Giving up gluten reduced my staggering problem. (Starting high dose oral B12 reduced it as well.) Another thing that improved with giving up gluten was a dramatic improvement in my temper. I used to get angry (in a towering rage, incoherent and out of control) for no reason at all. I thought I was mad. But nowadays I'm normal (I like to think so anyway.) :D

    Something I read from another sufferer that applies to me :

    "For instant asshole, just add gluten."

  • Well - I truly hope that isn't my answer. The thought of being diagnosed as coeliac and having to give up gluten is bad enough.

  • hi,

    i mostly want to comment on the your b12 level....215 is really low, even if it falss within what is consider "normal range". the standard numbers are all too low, for thyroid as well, so you must proceed with how you are feeling plus getting the b12 numbers up. it took getting to 750 to start feeling normal again, and continuing to take daily high dose of sublingual methylcobalamin (solgar, 5000 mcg 2x daily) to keep the number up and feeling good. i stopped taking shots, by choice, a couple of months ago and feel much better. but this was a personal choice based on research and how i was feeling. much good luck to you!


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