ive just been diagnosed with pa my vitamin b12 was 97? docs says its the lowest he as ever seen,,im really scared about it they was no proper information givin to me,ive had injections every other day for 2 weeks now there every two weeks,i have constant dihorea heart palpertations,,cant sleep at night even tho i am exhausted i dont know what other supplements i could take to help me ( worried )

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  • Hi greengrass,

    Please do not worry, my serum B12 was 86 ng/L = 63 pmol/L on diagnosis, and initially I did not notice any improvements what so ever when starting B12 treatment, but after a few months I realy did feel a lot better and started to rely on the B12 jabs to keep me well! It takes some 3-4 months for al faulty bloodcells produced with a lack of B12 to be replaced by good healthy ones.

    It is important that you have monitoring of bloods, including ferritine (=iron storage) and folate as all are needed in good supply for good blood production. Other B vitamins are also needed so a good multy vitamin is useful to make sure all are in supply and in balanse say.

    Eating well and resting now will help your body now to get back to health.

    Getting copies of bloodtests can be useful to see what has or not been tested.

    Pottassium is sometimes needed, eating bananas and tomatoes will help.

    It is shocking initially when you are diagnosed with a longterm condition, but with good treatment you should be fine, its the good individual treatment that can sometimes be difficult to get. It also helps if you learn more a bout PA/ B12 def, reading up on sites will help like:


    I hope this helps and you will find a lot more of improvement soon with your treatment,

    Kind regards,


  • thanks very much for that,,i hope i start to feel better soon im just so tired all the time could sleep the clock round,,im havin another injection on tuesday then a blood test to see if its started rising and goin for a heart monitor on in august,,my doctors never gave me no leaflets or anythin thats why started searchin on line meself.thanx again emma xx

  • Hi Emma,

    Yes having terrible stomach problems and exhaustion are what I had and foggy brain, it does get better, but it realy will take some time. Its taken years to get B12 depleted and it just takes a bit of time before your body has enough B12 to undo the damage done with to little.

    All you can do is look afteryourself well, eat well and rest when you can, hopefully it will not be long before you start feeling the energy B12 gives you again!

    Lots of information on the PAS forum, particularly information and research section, see:


    Get copies of bloodtest so you can see what is improving etc and in the future what may change, I find it helps a lot if you get involved in your treatment and condition,

    Kind regards,


  • they have now put me on folic acid,,confused with it all x

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