Need to convince doc to give every other day

I need a bit of advice from anyone who has managed to convince their doctor to give them every other day B12 injections or let them do it themselves at home, who are based in the UK, im in Northern Ireland. I have an American holiday booked for April and will be away for 2 weeks and can’t see how I can take my Needles and Syringes with me – the prohibited items list states no Drug paraphenilia which im assuming that’s counted as?

Help please, don’t think I can go 2 weeks without the symptoms returning and reversing the improvement ive managed to do by SI in the past 2 months! :(

I have given the doc all the printed and highlighted notes and was only allowed the 8 weekly, every other day wasn't mentioned

Thank you ❤

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  • ndodge do you know whether injections and needles can be obtained over the counter in the United States?

  • Hi Clivealive,

    I buy my syringes and needles on Amazon b/c it is much more cost effective than buying from the pharmacy.

    I'll have to do some research and get back to you. It might be that every state has a different set of laws.

    Hope you are doing well, Clive!💜

  • Thanks Nancy - I'm doing OK.

  • Good to hear that, clivealive!☺

  • Do you like my new "avatar" Friendly Folate Fellow?

  • Ha ha, yes, I do!

    It is perfect for you because you are the forum's folate specialist and advocate! 👍

  • At first I didn't see that your friendly fellow is thinking the word 'folate'. I had to look very closely b/c the writing is small, but sure enough, it says folate!

    Well done clivealive!🌟🌟🌟

  • Hi Jordan,

    I inject a biologic drug every week for RA and it comes in a prefilled syringe. I have flown to France many times and I carry my injections and other medically prescribed drugs in my hand luggage, together with my GP prescription and a letter from a chemist from hospital (Boots, they provide my injection for the NHS) stating I require these injections for health reason. I put all this paraphernalia in a tray at customs and put them back once screened! You could ask your GP to write a letter stating you need to inject and hopefully that should allow you to take the injections on board. Also phone the airline you're flying with, well in advance of flight and check with them explaining (not in too great a detail) you need to carry these injections with you and that you have a covering letter from doctor.

    Hope this helps... Good luck.

  • Hi JordanC. Can't add anything to what was said about this in your previous post but...just a thought...

    If you don't manage to solve the injection issue...have you thought about taking along a plentiful supply of high dose B12 sublingual lozenges, nasal spray, mouth spray...or patches?

    Might not be along term solution but may help with symptom control while you're away on holiday if you don't manage to solve the injection issue.

    Hope you have a great holiday.

  • I hadn't even thought! What ones would you suggest and if it comes to it I can take a few before going to make sure they agree with me?

    Thank you !

  • Can't recommend from personal experience. People here talk of both Swanson and Jarrow sublinguals (1000 and 5000) and there are others mentioned if you search the site. Some also contain B6 - I would avoid these as too easy to get too much B6 and end up with neurological symptoms as a result.

    Also, I understand that Gambit62 uses Yuliv nasal drops from Detox people.


  • Hi jordanC,

    Clivealive asked me for assistance for your problem. I live in the U.S. and can find out if the state to which you are going will allow you to buy syringes and needles. Where are you going on your American vacation? ✈

  • Hi ndodge , I fly from London to San Francisco and then drive to LA and on to Vegas! Any help would be appreciated :)

  • Hi JordonC,

    I just called Walgreen's in California. Walgreen's is a big chain Pharmacy (chemist to you, I believe :) ) here in the U.S and they said that it is legal for people to buy needles and syringes from them without needing a prescription from a doctor. So, there you go!

    You can buy enough in California to last you your whole trip. Maybe buy some in S.F and then some in L.A. to stock up. They said it would be helpful if you know the needle size you need.

    My personal opinion is that it wouldn't hurt to have a note or documentation of some kind for your B12d from your doctor, just to be on the safe side. But that's just me- my dad always said, "hope for the best but prepare for the worst". :)

    If you want me to find out the laws in Nevada, I will be glad to give the Walgreens there a call. Not that you have to buy from Walgreens- any pharmacy would do.

    Let me know if you need any other info from me - I can call anywhere in the U.S. for you :)

  • Oh wow, that's amazing thank you so much!! We're only in San Francisco a few days and over a week in California so that will be perfect, I'll get a pack of syringes and needles there to carry through to Vegas (3 days there only so should be grand).

    Thank you again for your help; that was so kind of you to ring them 😊😊

  • Totally my pleasure, JordonC!

    It was no trouble at all. 😊

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday in the U.S. 🏜⛱🏞

  • Thanks ndodge for your help. I just wonder how diabetics get on travelling abroad especially if they need to self inject during the flight.

  • My pleasure!

    Good point about diabetics. I'll ask my daughter-she has type 1 diabetes. And she flies all the time. ✈

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