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Skin lesions/ infections

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By mentioning my recent skin problems it appears to be more common than I thought.

I didnt get problems apart from initial nasty spots with loading until after nearly 2 yesrs of b12 injections.

Small oval very dry patches that won't absorb every cresm oil I've tried.

Almost like a burn or bad insect bite in appearance. In some like an ulcer.

Bleeding ears as so dry crack.

I've not seen this on s list of b12 deficiency symptoms ?

Certainly no comments by medics when shown.

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Sorry to hear that Nackapan,Id ask for a referral to a dermatologist could be a simple lack of something and hopefully they’d do the appropriate checks.I have what feels like scrapes at either side of my forehead,temples I suppose, and down under my chin on right side,that’s new to me too and it feels horrible but you can’t see it just feel it. Best of luck x

I saw a dermatologist. No comment on thd lesions??

One they were concerned with one In my ear. To be reviewed in 4 weeks. Will ask again then.

It was only when you wrote about the prescription you were given that I realised we have the same problems. I think they are called Cutaneous Lesions and are possibly connected to an autoimmune disorder.

My chest and neck are covered in them, in my ears and on my scalp. I think B12 comes into play but not solely responsible. Mine have been on going for months some days worse than other, and since I stopped having eggs It has improved even more. So obvious In my case diet comes into force. This is the second time I have had this both times started with B12 injections being stopped,

So possibly the body adapting to being back on b12.

Just to add as we're on the subject, my partner has had itchy scalp for years, and yes he had low b12 (control with tablets) His flares up now and again he uses Dandrazol Shampoo and has to leave this on for 10 minutes.

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Nackapan in reply to Sallyannl

Oh not heard of that one thanks. I've used t-gel


Have been prescribed betacap but dermatologist said not to use it and to stop using anything . As at present clear but very itchy .

They think too dry from treatment shampoos now! can't win.....

But to try an antihistamine

Thanks anyhow.

I was starting to think a side effrct ftom the much needed b12 injections

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mcg-woo in reply to Sallyannl

Interesting post. I also suffer from a skin condition that sounds similar to yours. Dermatologist was unable to determine what it is even with punch biopsy. Diagnosed as undetermined folliculitis that I treat with clyndamicin lotion to prevent infection and clear lesions. My ENT said he thought it was due to some sort of allergy. The autoimmune theory is interesting. I had the condition prior to b12 injections and I continue to have it with b12 injections, I’ve suffered with it for almost 20 years. I had never thought of an autoimmune cause. Very interesting theory! Thanks for your post.

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Sallyannl in reply to mcg-woo

Since I stop having eggs it has improved, early days yet. Could well be allergies it's just trying to establish what one ! Hope you find a solution.

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mcg-woo in reply to Sallyannl

I eat eggs daily. Interesting!

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Sallyannl in reply to mcg-woo

Gosh! I only had them once a week, that's probably why I was fine for a few days and went down hill after eating them.

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Nackapan in reply to Sallyannl

Do you know why eggs affected you? I always thought a goid source if protein

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helvella in reply to Nackapan

Eggs are excellent sources of proteins. But they contain avidin.

Avidin binds biotin (vitamin B7) extremely strongly. Once biotin has bound, it will be unavailable. Thus consuming eggs can result in biotin deficiency. Even cooked.

Not the world's best article but readily available:

Biotin deficiency is a nutritional disorder which can become serious, even fatal, if allowed to progress untreated. It can occur in people of any age, ancestry, or gender. Biotin is part of the B vitamin family. Biotin deficiency rarely occurs among healthy people because the daily requirement of biotin is low, many foods provide adequate amounts of it, intestinal bacteria synthesize small amounts of it, and the body effectively scavenges and recycles it in the kidneys during production of urine. However, deficiencies can be caused by consuming raw egg whites over a period of weeks to months. Egg whites contain high levels of avidin, a protein that binds biotin strongly. When cooked, avidin is partially denatured and binding to biotin is reduced. However one study showed that 30-40% of the avidin activity was still present in the white after frying or boiling. Genetic disorders such as biotinidase deficiency, multiple carboxylase deficiency, and holocarboxylase synthetase deficiency can also lead to inborn or late-onset forms of biotin deficiency. In all cases – dietary, genetic, or otherwise – supplementation with biotin is the primary method of treatment.

Signs and symptoms

Rashes including red, patchy ones near the mouth (erythematous periorofacial macular rash)

Fine and brittle hair




Mild depression, which may progress to profound fatigue and, eventually, to somnolence

Generalized muscular pains (myalgia)


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Sallyannl in reply to helvella

Thanks for the great informationRashes ... tick

Fine brittle hair ..... tick

Muscular pain ..tick

Lethargy ..... tick

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helvella in reply to Sallyannl

Not good but if it is the answer, great. Biotin is cheap and readily available.

But, be aware that high-ish doses of biotin can cause interference with many blood tests. I know for sure this includes some versions of the most common thyroid tests (TSH, FT4 and FT3). So stop a week before any tests if you can.

If you still have a problems with all those ticks...

RepellShield Tick Repellent for Humans Spray with Lemongrass Oil :-)

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Nackapan in reply to helvella

Oh I wax a bit slow thenTicks and lemon grass repellant


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Sallyannl in reply to helvella

Thankyou so much, just had a look at biotin but I dont think I will get any as I am feeling better since stopping eggs, but I will not dismiss it entirely and will consider it again if things stop improving.

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Nackapan in reply to Sallyannl

It has a small amount in my multivit

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helvella in reply to Nackapan

This seems to be a reasonable summary of biotin - so far as I know!

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Nackapan in reply to helvella

Goodness So just the whites

So by having s multuvit that includes biotin surly woukd help.

Loads of people consume eggs so I assume only affects s small minority


All those bodybuilders % gym eating ridiculous amounts of eggs daily??

Never heard of avidin

I have had the oval dry patches for some time. I do see a dermatologist each year and he told me it is discoid eczema.

Not keen on strong ointments, I decided to use organic shampoo and laundry products. The patches are still there but have not got worse.

I also have itchy ears, rejected the idea of strong cream and use vaseline when I shower. I also apply it at night to stop me scratching in my sleep.


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Nackapan in reply to cocoa

I must remember vaseline before washing my hair . Rosehip oil and olive oil does help once healed to keep skin hydrated.

I used the strong antibiotic cresm as the swab had grown Staphylococcus .I think the coal tar in the scalp shampoo burnt the inside of my ear as too dry snd skin thin?

Who knows

Just had all come since b12 deficiency diagnosed

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Sallyannl in reply to Nackapan

I am increasing the amount of good fat, olive oil etcIn my diet. It sounds awful but a spoonful of olive oil before bed and have definitely seen improvement in my ears. Less dry even on my chest feels better.

I will try anything to stop the itching in the night and IT'S WORKING!

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Nackapan in reply to Sallyannl

Yes itching drives me mad. I tried taking omega 3 oil.

Unfortunately it gave me nausea as indeed fish does.

Never been keen.

I actually put olive oil with crushed garlic in my ears .

It really dud help but not sustainable lol

I've akso used various essential oils mixed with a Jo Jo oil camomile can help . But nothing seend to work for long.

It's stopping the scratching that sets off a vicious cycle isn't it

I eat copius amounts of avocados. Convinced that help.

I think it started with reducing fats ladt December to reduce my cholesterol on Gps advice to avoid stating

So good fats really needed for skin brain function

I used to eat far more nuts.

Do have milled nuts on my porridge every morning.

I think walnuts good too.and flaxseed . I used to make a super seed and nut loaf. (Husband not keen ) well I can eat it all or freeze it?

Better find that recipe now well enough to bake!

Goodness I've always eaten well but taken so much fir granted when well

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Sallyannl in reply to Nackapan

I agree with take too much for granted when well.

I have also tried many lotions and seems to stay on surface of skin, also tried omega 3 again felt sicky. But I thought that if my skin wont absorb the lotions let's try internally and so far it's working.

I will worry about cholesteral once it's better.

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charks in reply to Nackapan

There is no need to reduce fats to lower cholesterol. It is now an accepted fact that it is refined carbohydates that raise cholesterol levels not fats.

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Nackapan in reply to charks

Oh . My Gp needs educating too

I don't have many refined carbs.

Did when well amd more on the go.

Then mixed them with long chain carbs or fruit like bananas

I'm not reducing anything at present ax lost too much weight snd I'm sure it turned fatigue into exhaustion.

Also your brain needs cholesterol

Thd ratio seems mord important now too.

What was interesting wad the total nine cdnf dien but the ratio went up after all mh efforts.

J never omitted just refused.

I think it's more likely not being able to exercises enough

Hemp oil is good for itchy skin - but makes a terrible mess. Our son had awful eczema as a child and many creams etc just didn’t help. I seem to remember it contains omega 3 and 6. We used to buy salad oil quality I.e organic etc. Worked a treat. Good luck

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Nackapan in reply to ClareP5

That's good to know.Thanks

The hemp cream is great .

Didn't think of the oil.

Have used



Jo Jo






For anyone else looking for ideas.

I cane to the confusion at one point cooking oil just as good lol.

However as it ends up in the bath rest if my body as really benefitted.

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Sallyannl in reply to Nackapan

Years ago we used baby oil in the bath!

Trouble with that is the bath tub gets rather greasy

So have to watch you dont slip.

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Nackapan in reply to Sallyannl

Yes still use that. A rubber mat like you use for children.

I've always used oils. Not even greasy skin or hair as a teenager.

Total opposite to sister but she's getting the benefit now!!

Or its down to more thsn hormonal changes as we think.

PA has many faces it seems

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ClareP5 in reply to Nackapan

Oils are best as some people, like my son, react to the emulsifiers in creams. Hope you find what works for you. You may also need to think about bath cleaning products, towel dyes and clothes wash🙈 We had to eliminate anything that wasn’t 100% biodegradable. Good luck.

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Nackapan in reply to ClareP5

Thankyou.I don't think thus is an allergy but an autoimmune thing from within.

Never had skin problems before.

But yes some products can irritate I'm sure

I've had itchy ears and head too and was told by a doctor that it was eczema but an ENT specialist said it was loose skin that could become infected and does occasionally. Interesting to hear the above remedies that might help. I was diagnosed by a dermatologist with Seborrheic Dermatitis, Rosacea and Ocular Rosacea but didn't fancy using the shampoo they prescribed. Sometimes the night before I wash my hair I put coconut oil on my hair and head (cover the pillowcase with a towel to keep the grease off of it) and I then wash it the next day with either Salcura anti-itch shampoo or Allergenics. I then fill up the basin with water and add a couple of dessertspoons of cider vinegar which give it some shine. That works for me. I have recently also tried the Vita Coco shampoo and conditioner - the Vita Coco I have only used once and although my head initially itched it settled down. I also add almonds, walnuts and linseeds to my breakfast oats, the linseeds I wizz up to a powder otherwise they just go straight through the system. Hope this helps.

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Nackapan in reply to Moggy1234

Yrs it's getting the right cocktail. I've slept in all sorts of oils too.

Oh the glamour lol

But found I was then washing my hair too often.

Glad yiuve found a routine that works fir you.

I've also put cider vinegar in final rinses

Aldo peppermint oil.( I prefer)

The latter only in the morning as zingy.

Trying e45 and itch this morning.

It us better not washing it too much.

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Sallyannl in reply to Nackapan

Normal people will be reading this and laughing !

If only they knew. And yes I've also used cider vinegar

It's so good to be with community that understands


I should have also said in my post to Nackapan that I have a pine resin and fragrance II allergy. These items are in loads of products. If anyone wants more information on allergies a good site is and even the UK Dermatolgist that I saw used this site.

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Nackapan in reply to Moggy1234

Useful information Thanks for sharing this

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Moggy1234 in reply to Nackapan

You are most welcome.😊

HiI have dry scaly patches and a long term itchy scalp. The only shampoo which has been excellent and I haven’t had an itchy scalp for many months now is Noughty “Care Taker” shampoo and conditioner.

My skin patches have been soothed and some have disappeared by using Cetraben Natural Oatmeal Cream which states it helps with eczema. However, there is a Cetraben for moisturing dry skin but this doesn’t help for this condition

Hope you find some relief soon

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Nackapan in reply to diabetty

Not heard of thst shampoo Thanks will try that.

Sounds purer thsn Aveena

Eucerin helps at times

It's never flaked more lije sore pimples and lumps.

Used e45 anti itch shampoo this morning


When at my worst I was plagued with fungal and yeast infections eg ringworm/thrush/athletes foot, dandruff was like a snowstorm etc.

Fungal infections can look like excema in some cases so may be worth asking GP to check for fungal skin infections.

I found that cutting down sugar, alcohol helped a bit, tried to follow an anti - candida diet which was difficult.

I think that B12 deficiency knocks the immune system and makes us more prone to opportunistic infections such as candida (yeast) and tinea (fungal).

Articles about fungal skin infections

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Nackapan in reply to Sleepybunny

Yes I think right. I've treated scalp for possible fungus infection.

Was on o alcohol.

First ever tine oral thrush x 2

It threw me when I said this to a gp .

The reply wad but yiu are nor b12 deficient now!

Yiu can ajso be more susceptible if blood sugars running high

I've tested mine ( machine in house) several times and its fine but worth a check.

Antibiotics akso leave yih vunerabke to yeast infections.

I used an oral tablet to clear the system. After a needed course for dental

Yes avoiding refines sugar tgst feeds yeast a good idea.

Good links

Thsnk you

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