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2 days late with b12 injections

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Just took my b12 injection 2 days late. How I realised was I was starting to rant and feel very angry at trivial nonsense. I also started questioning people's motives for comments and remarks. In addition, I started struggling to find words.

Sharing my experience in case it helps anyone else here and if any 1 else experiences the same can you reply for the same reasons?

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Yep, thats me spot on I'm afraid.

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Scotlad76 in reply to Silverfox2

Its easy done when busy but we soon know lol

Yup, that's my first sign of needing an injection.

It's often the people around me who ask if I've missed one. Now that they know what signs to look for (irritability and paranoia) they're better at spotting it than I am.

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Scotlad76 in reply to fbirder

I'm exactly the same. I have both friends , family and colleagues who ask me.

How often do you have b12 injections ?

You have clear signs which is good.

Not nice for you though.

And reasons for the rants.

I get irritability . Will see if it relates yo when mine is due. ??

So many things . Difficult to find a pattern still.

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Scotlad76 in reply to Nackapan

I take an injection every third day, occasionally under high mental and or physical stress I up it to every other day. I am a poor sleeper even with b12 (hashimotos disease too, maybe fibromalgia) but if I don't get b12 often enough my sleep deteriorates to the point I start being unable to function.

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Nackapan in reply to Scotlad76

Okay thank you so missing 2 days very significant ! Interesting g it affects your sleep.

My friend is really suffering with sjero deprivation.

I will tell her as she's on a monthly regime.

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Scotlad76 in reply to Nackapan

Sleep issues have always been a major factor for me. With b12 they are still not great but without they are terrible.

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lynxis in reply to Scotlad76

This is me, too. Without injecting almost every day, I sleep (or rather don't sleep) like I consumed a large amount of caffeine late in the evening. Even with daily injections I wake up many times a night.

Yup! Irritability and paranoia here too!


Blog post from Martyn Hooper's blog about PA and B12 deficiency- about psychiatric symptoms of B12 deficiency returning


That just sounds like me but other family members still don't understand they think I'm being nasty just can't get them to understand how PA affects you when you need your B12 injections.

Mine too☹️

Even the doctor does not understand, said it was all in my head. Feel really hurt, and confused now.

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Scotlad76 in reply to Kate71

An all to familiar tale unfortunately

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Kate71 in reply to Scotlad76

I’m really glad I I checked on this page, as everyone seems to have same symptoms. So I now know it’s not just in my head. Thank you thank you.

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Scotlad76 in reply to Kate71

Well said 👏

I also have the same symptoms plus bumping into thing / tripping over. The trips are usually when I realise I need a top up 😬

I have only just been diagnosed but I bump into things and feel like I’m leaning to one side when I walk sometimes, I also can’t find the right words very quickly! So weird!

This is me. When I start bumping into doorways I know I must be due another injection!

Ah yes those blooming doorways, the bruises I get trying to walk through them.

The burning hatred and apathy are the worst part. It's when you stop believing that hope exists as a concept. When I start to get angry for absolutely no reason, that's when I know I need the shot.

My patience also gets incredibly thin. I'm generally disinterested in anything that other people have to say, or any of my own hobbies.

I can spend hours just sitting there, watching youtube videos and doing nothing else.

Many of my thoughts drift to things that make me angry.

People can notice something is wrong because my face droops and looks incredibly bored and depressed.

It was notable for my family when I started to improve, because they said it had been years since they saw me smiling, laughing, and actually looking happy.

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CherylclaireForum Support

So sad that this is what people close to us see immediately when injection due, but GPs and consultants do not seem to understand this as a symptom of B12 deficiency.I knew I was getting better when I was no longer having rows in library/ chemist/ supermarket/ GP surgery/ bus/ tube etc. Mainly to do with not being able to understand what was being said, losing concentration/ words, or being distracted by noise that was not bothering anyone else around me, yet driving me completely bananas !

Couldn't think straight or be around people, even those I love.

Yes, hard to get people to understand it's not you. Now, when I get like this, partner will say "When did you have your last injection ?" (Massive hint)

It can be very lonely this, and makes it virtually impossible to work or interact socially. Now I can recognise this as a simple need for a vitamin. At the time though, very scared.

Hi. Yes I feel like you did before my jab is due. I feel like the Duracell bunny 🐰 before he gets new batteries I get angry and down. I have had PA for 33 years and I always know when my jab is due. So does anyone around me 😊

I'm exactly the same. I get asked "have you stabbed yourself"?

When I say no I forgot, I get told to get it done as I'm grumpy and rant at trivial things 😁

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CherylclaireForum Support

Thanks Scotlad76 for being brave enough to start up this topic - it is good to share these problems. Otherwise, easy to think that you're the only one, especially if your GP doesn't link this with B12 deficiency.

These descriptions are me. It's so sad that so many people are experiencing this on a regular basis. I feel sorry for my husband having to put up with it. He is such a positive person and does rejoice about the uplift following my B12 injection!

The GP has agreed to 4 weekly jabs and it does help but I find that I am better after them and then have to get through the backlog this brain fog has created while clarity lasts. But the deterioration into a sea of confusion, forgetting, word-finding difficulty and negativity cuts in again. I plan to track this point more carefully.

I can identify with "when you stop believing that hope exists as a concept. "

Is it possible that elderly patients with Alzeimer/dementia diagnoses would show improvement with B12 injections?

Thank you to you all.

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