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Light sensitivity


Still a big problem. Can't tolerate artificial full lighting products any TV. Also noise sensitive too. I've had my eyes checked (previous post) so assume messages from brain? ? Vithe D fine now at 60. Has anyone had this? How long did it take to settle for you?

My first maintenence injection 31/12. Earliest I could get. I've been told to have them every 2 months. Does anyone know if this just continues? I know I need it but also dreading it as I was so ill after loading doses and am much better than I was! I've tried b13 oral spray and I think it's helped as walking about more around garden trying to get some muscle Strength back as very weak still. I'm trying to be patient but have been poorly since 1/10. Any thoughts or shared experiences appreciated

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Hi Nackapan

Sorry you are still feeling so rotten, Yes I am sensitive to both light and sound it started just after I started treatment about 6 years ago and at one point I had to hold the telephone about twelve inches away from my ear when talking to anyone and used to wear sunglasses most of the time. Since self injecting every mth things have improved a lot but I still have times even on a dull day when I have to wear the sunny s and I cant stand to much noise or my head feels strange

We all seem to have many and varied symptoms and I must admit that although some of mine have improved a lot I do not think any have gone away altogether, I just keep trying to find ways of coping and do what I can when I can.

Do hope you start to pick up a little soon, keep going a lot of us found things got worse before they started to improve

All best wishes:)

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Thank you. So you have found Ways to cope . I exprct the symptoms worse when tired. Have you special glasses that reduce the blue light?

I've tried my prescription sunglasses but it didn't make much difference indoors.

I am missing the TV! !

I can cope with this phone screen on dim.

I'm hoping next njection will help.

Happy and healthy new year to you 😀

No I just manage with my normal sun glasses and or draw the blinds if its a very bright day,good luck with your next injection

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Thank you

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