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Letter in New Scientist

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A letter in New Scientist correcting some misinformation about B12. It’s probably for subscribers only -

Writing about diet supplements, Linda Geddes says that water-soluble vitamins cannot be stored (1 December, p 30). Vitamin B12 is water soluble, but it is stored, mainly in the liver. The amount stored can be enough to satisfy the body's needs for years.

This is one reason why a vitamin B12 deficiency can be hard to diagnose. Even if somebody cannot absorb any B12 – for example in pernicious anaemia – levels in the body can decrease very slowly. Many people put symptoms such as fatigue, memory lapses and clumsiness down to increasing age. Often it is only when severe signs of harm arise, such as peripheral neuropathy, in which nerves are damaged, that someone visits a doctor. It is then often too late to completely fix the damage.

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Thanks for that fbirder

Thanks for the information fbirder .

I usually pick up a New Scientist and then go for a double espresso and have a peaceful read.

But arrangements have changed recently so I have missed both. So I will be off tomorrow to get it. Hope they still have some copies.

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fbirder in reply to beginner1

I’ve always looked forward to the Christmas issue and the quirky articles it contains. There’s a real treat for fans of wombat poo in this one.

Thanks very much fbirder . Useful stuff .

This is very well expressed. Who is the author of the letter? If I showed this quote to a doctor, it would be useful to know.

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fbirder in reply to Frodo

I don’t think it would impress the doctor too much. The author isn't anybody special.

If I had cubical poo I think I might be a little grumpy.

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beginner1 in reply to fbirder

Cubical poo - well I never knew that and I bet my friends don''t know it either. So I can show off next time I see them.

My grandchildren are going to love it too.

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