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Nervous but eager for tests next week


Hi all. I saw a gastroenterologist a while back and he wants to do endoscopy/colonoscopy which I'm scheduled to have next week. He said he's initially thinking of coeliac so I'm guessing endoscopy/biopsy would prove if he's right? When I thought about it afterwards I did find it a bit strange that he didn't ask if I was on a gluten containing diet and if so to keep it that way at least until the endoscopy. Luckily I had learned that already from this forum. So for the last four weeks I've actually increased my gluten intake and my symptoms are horrible. Chest pain, left arm pain/tingling, upper left abdominal pain and sore breasts etc have all reared their ugly heads again and my other usual symptoms continue. I'm actually not so worried about what gastro might find. I just want it over and done with so I can try gluten free diet! I hope it's okay to post on these forums even though I don't have a confirmed diagnosis. It's like wading through treacle. I genuinely feel a lot of the time that my life is over. That's not me feeling sorry for myself as I am determined to do everything I can to help myself. It's hard to find enjoyment in anything when you're having 20 different symptoms. Hopefully gluten free will help somewhat then I can concentrate on vitamins etc followed by maybe getting thyroid checked again. Just want to thank you all for your kind advice and replies so far.

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If it turns out that you don’t have coeliacs then ask the gastroenterologist about FODMAP sensitivity. You may have to ask your GP to refer you to a dietician. In the meantime there’s lots of advice online

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Thanks fbirder I'll have a look at that.

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