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is it b12?


Hi all.

Ive had symptoms over the past 6 months of fatigure, spots and floaters in my vision, dark circles and red eyes, i had a few days of periphal neuropathy in my arms and legs when it was at its worst however now i just get the occasional "cold" feeling even though they are warm to the touch. when it was at its worst i also had a complete loss of appetite. feeling completely out of it (i think i had, and still have, a bit of derealisation). i also have coated tongue, weak muscle and noticeable brain fog. (memory has gone out the window lol)

For the past 5 months ive been drinking a b complex every day, and have seen a gradual improvement. I had routine nhs blood test which all came back normal, in fact i had "higher than normal" RBC count, which i know would not indicate vitamin b12 defifiency.

However my reason to believe its vitamin b12 is i did lots of nitroux oxide balloons in the week before i fell ill, and i know this can 1. cause instant damage to your nervous system when u wake up one day, as you can see if you search nervous system and no2, and 2. Interact with the active level of b12 in your body as seen in articles composed by doctors, which would possibly be why a NHS blood test came back normal.

I have purchased a private Active b12 test and have stopped taking the supplements for the past week, and am going to have blood drawn soon .

However in the mean time, could i possibly grab everyones thoughts and what they feel like it could be?

Many thanks x

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Have you ever had investigations on your autonomic function . Usually a neurologist .Just a thought.

Be interesting what your blood test shows for your B12.

It's getting the right tests isn't it.

Hope you get some answers to act on soon.

yes it will be interesting. my gps have kind of put it off as mental things and getting over a chest infection... im probably going to go back in the new year and state how it isnt mental health or a previous chest infection. if it was mental health i wouldnt have symptoms like periphal neuropathy etc. but either way will post my b12 results. will a gp refer me to a neurologist if needed?

It sounds like you need injections..

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