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Blood test results

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So confusing. My blood tests are all fine ( had very low ferritin ) after bowel ops) had infusion. Obviously b12 is fine , but he very wisely said that's to be expected, because I've had injections, said I had slightly high sugar levels, not diabetes though. He said maybe that was causing neurological symptoms but very doubtful. I've looked into this and it's extremely unlikely slightly high sugar levels (6.9) would cause such severe neurological symptoms. My bet is still the b 12. He has given me another script ( wise man) and said I may need them more often. I had one this morning, so surely I should feel the benefit for a week or two? Time will tell I guess. I just might be needing them more often. Any experts out there Foggyme Gambit or anyone got any advice, opinions etc very welcome .

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Hi... Sorry I can't be more help w b12, I feel like crap most of the time and I've been si every 2wks for a yr (w prescription). I still have neurological symptoms but they have improved considerably.

I just wanted to tell you to make sure he continues checking ferritin & iron. Not sure how common this is, but mine drops rather quickly! I have 2 infusions (Fereheme) every 3or4 months. Last August my ferritin went up to 116 after infusions and was 10 again by November. 😞

Just thinking maybe that's why you're not feeling well.

I have PA & Celiac disease along with chronic iron deficiency & am in the US.

I hope you feel better soon!

Thank you for your response. Yes he did check these, they are fine. I must have them checked regularly though, just a as you suggested , because of my bowel surgery. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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How symptoms respond will to some extent depend on what process is behind the symptoms. Some symptoms could be caused by different processes - eg neurological problems could be the result of a) degradation of the myelin layer that insulates your nerve cells or they could be the result b) of the processes that recycle neurotransmitters not running properly. a) takes a long time to reverse - potentially years. b) should respond quite quickly.

It is also possible that some neurological damage, if it has gone on for a long time may be permanent.

Another possibility is that there is more than just B12 going on.

However, it also appears to be very early days for you so it may just be a question of being more patient. I didn't notice effect from B12 shots until my third 3 monthly maintenance dose.

Thanks Gambit62. I did notice a slight benefit from the b12 injection the other day, ( thats my 3rd). I was far less breathless and my leg tingling wasnt so bad. Ne interesting to know what will happen ehen next one due.

Also Gambit, do they automagically test for intrinsic factor in a full iron/ blood count.

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Gambit62Administrator in reply to Gardeningbuff

NICE guidelines are to test IFA but often not done and results often misunderstood. Positive = yes. Negative = inconclusive is correct interpretation

they should have done a full blood count but not necessarily a full iron panel.

Thanks again Gambit. I've got results here, how can I send a photo on here?

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Gambit62Administrator in reply to Gardeningbuff

you can edit post to add a picture

probably better to start a new post though

Ok. Ill try it . Thank you.

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