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Access to Medical Records (UK)

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While posting on a thread recently, I clicked on an old link about accessing medical records to find that the info had changed.

It now seems to be purely about online access which I understand only gives access to part of a person's medical records.

Have any of you got an up to date NHS link about how you access the parts of record that are not online?



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Copied from posts on Thyroid UK:

The Data Protection Act, updated in May of this year by the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018 that says

A medical report/record that already exists will be accessible, for free, as a SAR. A ‘reasonable fee’ can be charged for a SAR if the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, however, these circumstances are likely to be rare.

See BMA's article on medical records access here

and Pulse magazine (the magazine for doctors) who published this article which talks about charging for medical records being scrapped


But the staff should have been trained to recognise "Please may I have my results" as a valid Subject Access Request even if it doesn't actually include the words "Subject Access Request".

How do we recognise a request?

The GDPR does not specify how to make a valid request. Therefore, an individual can make a subject access request to you verbally or in writing. It can also be made to any part of your organisation (including by social media) and does not have to be to a specific person or contact point.

A request does not have to include the phrase 'subject access request' or Article 15 of the GDPR, as long as it is clear that the individual is asking for their own personal data.

AND Thyroid UK's document on the subject:

The only time I've ever wanted to access records that weren't online was when I wanted the images from my MRI scan for fourth cranial nerve palsy. The hospital staff were most helpful - even on a Sunday. They had the form quickly available and talked me through the process.

Everything from my GP is online.

Thanks for the replies.

Are letters from consultants/specialists to GPs online as well?

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fbirder in reply to Sleepybunny

Not on mine. I rely on the consultant cc'ing me into his/her letters to the doc - normally have to ask.

I sent an email with 2 forms of ID. With my name date of birth address and NHS number, be prepared to be shocked at the notes that are written, I was classed as a benzo seeker, despite only ever having one prescription for benzos about 12 years ago. Fuming is an under statemwnt, especially considering I battle my anxiety daily without meds

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