Holo test at st Thomas

I am going to London next Friday and want to order active b12 and mma at st Thomas. I called viapath customer services and they were nigh on useless. I call the lab at st Thomas and they were great but said I needed to order the test online. But I just can't find it. I can see all the info about the tests but not how much it costs or a "buy" button

Can anyone send me a link ?? Thank you in advance !

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  • My suggestion is that you call the lab and ask to speak to Denise Oblane. She'll help you. Finding the tests isn't that easy, until you've done it and then it's obvious. Good luck 🙂

  • Thank you zingy

  • unfortunateyl I get all the way through the booking procedure and then it wont work at the last stage, same with link already given to me. You can choose test, hospital and give your details then when you click to review order it wont work - says clear cookies or ' one link too may'

  • Are you already supplementing with B12 in any form or have you supplemented recently?

    Results of Active B12, MMA and homocysteine test may be affected if you are taking B12 supplements.




    I wasted a lot of money on private blood tests in past. I queried at time whether results would be affected by the fact that i was supplementing heavily with B12 and got a vague answer so I went ahead.

  • Thank you sleepy bunny . I came off supplements over a year ago and my results still haven't come down below 2000 x I was wondering whether to bother as go homocysteine came back at 9.3, but they won't help any more and I need it for my piece of mind

  • every time i try to buy the blood test i get this as a result

    The viapath.co.uk page isn’t working

    viapath.co.uk redirected you too many times.

    Try clearing your cookies.

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