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Bali and b12 injections


Has anyone been to Bali and taken Uk prescription b12 hydroxocobalamin with them ?

Going for a long trip can’t seem to find anywhere (hospital or clinic that stocks it or Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin)

Indonesian Embassy ‘not sure’ if I can take it into Bali from Uk

GP ‘does not think so ‘

Surely someone has been to Bali that has PA and needed their injection

I certainly will :) any information and advice welcome

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I’ve not been to Bali, but went to Mauritius earlier this year.

It would be worth contacting the airline or at least read their t’s & c’s where there will be advice for carrying medicines. I think it’s the sharps that may be a problem rather than the B12 ampoules.

I packed half in my suitcase & half in my husband’s in case one went missing. I made sure that each pack of B12, needles etc was in a clear plastic zipped bag and that the B12 was in the original box so it was obvious what it was and a small sharps box in each to demonstrate responsibility. I was also fortunate enough to persuade my Dr to write a letter for travel which I carried in my hand luggage.

I have followed this procedure on several flights now without a problem.

Enjoy your holiday 😎.

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Thank you for your reply

Going to take the medication without sharps

Hoping for prescription from GP

Or shall purchase some from Europe before I go but with a GP letter etc

Friends in Bali Are sourcing trying a GP or med centre to do the injections for me

Quite amusing as in Bali ‘every one that is anyone ‘ has intravenous vitamin supplements as a matter of course friends have so far tried in vain to explaine the difference between B12 supplement and .... well we know the rest ! Sound familiar!

oh the hope that eventually there will be B12 clinic days when all of us just walk in have a shot once a week so that we all feel ‘normal’ just like ‘normal’ people do and not have to go individually to nurse etc

Let’s book village halls en mass and all go there Monday’s

we can but dream 😌 remember the old saying ... many a true word said in jest

Let’s hope so

I shall report back next April on my return and tell you all how I got on

Thanks again

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