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B12 symptoms but not sure if it's b12 deficiency?


it's been months that I don't feel well and i'm really worried about my health. I'm gonna describe my story so you can maybe help me with this.

First of all, I'm 27M, vegan for about 3 years now, while before I used to eat meat almost everyday. Anyway, since i'm vegan, I was used to take solgar multivitamin formula vm-75 often but not consistently.

My sysmptoms started about a year ago, during christams period. There, I started to feel weak, tired, and to have hypersalivation and heart palpitations. I thought that those symptoms were due to anxiety and stress from University and so I didn't go to my gp until the beginning of february.

February was really a though month because I was feeling very very tired, dizzy, light headed, breathless, and I had palpitations and numbness on my fingers. The doctor visited me and I took a blood test to see if I had some problems with my thyroid, an infection, anemia, or a vitamin deficiency. And from the test I found out I had a sever vitamin D deficiency.. while my b12 level was about 500/600.. i don't remember right now honestly but it was around those values. However, during that period I was taking a multivitamin and I didn't think to tell it to my gp, since I didn't know that the test could have been changed by it.

Anyway, a few months later I started to feel a bit better. The palpitations disappeared almost completely, and I felt a bit more energetic, less tired, and less brain fogged. But my symptoms were and are still present. Meanwhile, I kept taking a multivitamin as well until the end of july. Also, since I read that b12 is an energy-boost and it's impossible to go in overdose of it, I took high doses of this vitamin sublingually during june and july. In august, instead, I did not take any supplements.

At the end of august I took another blood test to see if everything was ok, since my symptoms were still present. And from it, nothing particular appear, I was not anemic, my vit D level was great and my potassium was okish (3.69 in range: 3.5 - 5.1).

My b-12 was, instead, 377pg/mL, and folic acid was 8.4ng/mL. So they were still in range, but I don't think they were great, especially because I was taking high doses of b12, and so, I was expecting higher level.

So, form the beginning of september, I started to take high doses of b12, togehter with folic acid, in every possible form: sublingually, through patches, and through stomach.. and I felt like they were helping me with my symptoms, but they are still here.. Some are better (i feel less confused) and some are new.

However, right now, I still have several symptoms. Like brain fog, dizziness, lightheadedness, derealization, muscle twiches, feeling of unbalance, tiredness, a weird feeling on my left thumb (if it's in certain positions, or after an effort, like opening a bottle, the thumb feels weird until it automatically returns to a resting position.. really weird), light palpitations, slightly low blood pressure, and weird sensation in my stomach (I forgot to say that during february, march and april I had a stomach inflammation, maybe due to my anxiety, in my gp's opinion..).

I'm honestly very scared and anxious because it's a nightmare and I'm not sure if it's b12 or something else, and i'm scared of the potential permanent nerve damage.

What do you think? Should I stop taking b12 supplements, wait for a few months, and then retake a blood test? How can I be sure if it's b12 deficiency or not? i read that injections are the best option in case of deficiency.. Should I give it a try, inject myself a few times and see if that helps me? Or do you think it's something else?

Thanks in advance for your replies.. Hope to find a solution or an answer here because my gp doesn't understand my situation and I don't know what to do..

Thanks again!

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hey bud.

Ive had the exact same symptoms, even the derealisation. tingling in arms and legs, tired, etc. i think mine was no2 induced (silly me), but im getting an active b12 test to make sure. This is because no2 renders active b12 inactive, however will still show on normal b12 test. but yes, considering we have very similar symptoms, id suggest speaking to your doctor about b12. hope ive helped/reassured u in any way, all the best

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