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My list of Canadian sites that allow you to order B12. (US)


This is my list, so there are probably a few others, at least, where you can order B12 online from Canada. So far, I've only found cyanocobalamin. Shipping takes one week or so. This has been the easiest place for me, so far.

There is a third site, but it works with and I stopped using both because they seemed to be having a fued.

Average price is $16.99 for a 10 ml vial. $13.00 shipping per order. $9.99 for 10 syringes/needles. I can buy syringes cheaper at Walgreens, but you need a prescription.

I am posting this because responses to individual posts get lost. Perhaps others could add their suppliers as well and we can keep this as basically an ordering post?

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Are you in the US? Any customs issues? How long is the transport time? I wonder about the stability of the B12 while being shipped?

Thanks, Sita

Linda730 in reply to Sita505USA

Hi Sita, I'm in WI. Customs is no issue. Contents are listed on the outside of the package. It takes 7-10 days to reach me.

Since so many of us receive B12 through the mail, I've got to assume there are no problems with stability.

Sita505USA in reply to Linda730

Thanks very much! This is great information.

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