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10 year old daughter- referral to neurologist


My 10 yr old daughter displays signs of B12 deficiency- pins & needles up to 4 times a day, fatigue, unable to get to sleep, slight anxiety, loss of appetite, family history of autoimmune disease (PA & Hashis)

Her serum B12 is 402 (180-900) and ferritin is 39 (10-200). Other results are:

Vit D 115 (>50 is sufficient)

Transferrin saturation index- 30 (16-50)

Serum transferrin 2.75 (2-4.1)

Serum iron 18.3 (11-30)

Serum folate 9.4 (3-20)

Nucleated red blood count 0 (0-0.5x10*9)

GP was reluctant to take things any further but has now suggested a referral to a neurologist.

My question is- can my daughter start supplementing B12, a good B complex and some iron at home (GP said go ahead) while we wait for the neurology appointment (which will probably be a few months) or will this skew any future tests? (I would get her active B12, MMA and homocysteine myself done at St Thomas's but they won't deal with under 18s.)

I'm new to all this and don't have PA so any advice much appreciated as my knowledge is fairly sketchy.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Kipsy could you get those tests done privately, I would think that somewhere like Bupa or Spire would do them. If you do they need to be done before any supplementing which would skew the results..

Kipsy in reply to beginner1

Thank you very much for confirming what I thought. I will look into Bupa and Spire- it’s tricky getting children accepted for testing but they might just help. Thank you!

Hi Kipsy

Have you considered this testing option.....works like Medichecks


fbirder in reply to SlowDragon

Viapath are the private arm of St Thomas’.

Kipsy in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks @SlowDragon & @fbirder .Am pretty sure they’re the people at St Thomas’s that I spoke to but they dont deal with under 18s. We’re waiting to get our appointment with the NHS neurologist and I will go from there. In the meantime, have decided to supplement iron and vit C to help her dreadfullly lank, thin hair as her ferritin is low in range. I won’t give her any B vits yet (although I’m itching to do so!) as that would skew any future tests...

Thank you x

Kipsy in reply to SlowDragon

Sorry- replied to fbirder’s response but it was meant for you both. Thank you to you both for trying to help xx

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