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Self injecting when unwell. Is it Ok


I haven't been feeling well all week and still getting worse. Very tired, hot and cold, nausea, bloated and windy, bad taste in my mouth, not feeling like eating. The only good thing is that I have lost 2 lbs in weight with not eating much.

As I am new to self injecting, is it still OK to self inject when feeling unwell or should I wait till I feel better. I am trying fortnighly injections and another jab is now due.

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clivealiveForum Support

Hi carer999 perhaps a visit to your doctor to find out why you are feeling unwell would be advisable.

As for the B12 injections I doubt there would be any harm done by having it as normal as during the 46 years I've been having them every month I'm sure I must have been "unwell" at some point or other at the same time.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

I'm not a medically trained person.

I definitely agree with Clive but otherwise can't see any problem with doing your jab - it'll probably help to make you feel better by giving your body the resources it needs.

For those of us who need daily or similar frequency jabs we have to do them regardless of how we feel.

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