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Megabolastic madness

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Hi All

My recurring symptom after b12 deficiency diagnosis four years ago is a recurring sequence of events:

Without warning, I will become semi conscious during which I will have tinnitus - the sound of static followed by a sense of euphoria and auditory hallucinations- I feel that I am overhearing a conversation which seems to make sense as it is occurring but makes no sense afterwards.

I am left in a state of confusion and my body feels stressed.

The events last no more than 10 seconds.

I will get up to 8 events on the first day then they decline to one or two a day then cease altogether.

Between 12 weekly injections I mostly get a five day period of the events in about week six to eight but in the last 36 weeks I have been getting the events soon after the injection as well.

The tinnitus stopped over two years ago and the auditory hallucinations only occur occasionally and the semi consciousness tends to last a matter of seconds on most occasions.

The article link above explains these events and what is known as metabolastic madness which is caused by b12 deficiency.

My mother had severe gastric problems and could not eat solid foods which, coupled with a lifetime of dieting, left her on a very restrictive diet. She developed Altzeimers disease and the article above explains why - for anyone feeling they are developing this disease or live with someone or has a parent who has the disease, I recommend end you read the article.

B12 injections, I hope, have saved me from my mother’s fate - my memory and articulacy were seriously affected until I started b12 injections and although not perfect (whose is at 70!) they are much better except I tend to lose track of distance in time relating to recent events.

I hope you find the article helpful.

Good health!

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Thank you so much for posting this excellent article alphabeta.

Well done for resisting 'doctors know best' in this scenario and I hope you continue to do well on B12 injections.

Most of the symptoms described were experienced by my sister. Devastatingly though, we were unable to convince her doctors or psychiatrists, being arrogantly dismissed and ignored when psychotic drugs only were prescribed and injections stopped.......

This makes the quote from the article particularly relevant:

"One has to ask: why don't doctors at least tell the public about this seemingly magical therapy, which is available to all at trivial cost? Just think about that, and the answer becomes obvious. °

Eleven years after this artlcle, it is still a battle to be diagnosed correctly. Like you, I'm convinced that early and sufficient self injection of B12 has saved me from the same fate and I'll continue to refuse all unnecessary statins, etc.

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Alfabeta in reply to Polaris

Thank you for your response. My experience of doctors, nurses etc is if you mention any b12 symptoms other than those associated with PA you get completely dismissed. It is a medical scandal which, one day, will be as big as previous scandals if not worse.

I’m afraid there’s far too much unsubstantiated nonsense. I gave up at...

Let's start with a little background. Mammals, including humans, are born with serum levels of vitamin B12 at about 2,000 pg/mL

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Alfabeta in reply to fbirder

Yes, there is, you support all the doctors I’ve had contact with - closed mind no discussion what is, is and that’s that.

As for your other point - I’ve no idea what you are talking about!

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Portia1974 in reply to Alfabeta

He appears to be referencing this passage:

He doesn't make it clear whether he's poo pooing it, or the article you are referring to. But probably both I'd imagine.

Perhaps he thinks he's being helpful ;)

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helvella in reply to Portia1974

Afraid when I follow that link I don't see any text. Just an offer of the ebook for £745.48!!

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Alfabeta in reply to helvella

I wouldn’t pay that. Look up metabolastic madness and you will find the paper.

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Portia1974 in reply to Alfabeta

No me either, lol!

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Portia1974 in reply to helvella

Blimey oh Riley that's expensive, lol! Sorry about that! It's an extract from "Could it be B12" its text from one of the sample pages in the thumbnail images on that link.

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Alfabeta in reply to Portia1974

I agree.

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fbirder in reply to Alfabeta

The article you liked to includes the passage I quoted. It provides no evidence for it.

There are numerous other bits that are equally contentious, with no backing for it.

It’s a piece of FUD.

Am I the only one who actually read it?

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Portia1974 in reply to fbirder

I thought you "gave up at...

Let's start with a little background. Mammals, including humans, are born with serum levels of vitamin B12 at about 2,000 pg/mL" ???

End notes reference this article in support of that statement:

"4. Dommisse JV. Subtle vitamin-B12 deficiency and psychiatry: A largely unnoticed but devastating relationship? Med Hypotheses. 1991; 34:131-140."

Can't access the full article though.

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