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Blood test results


Hi, hoping someone can shed some light on my nieces blood results please? Her GP has followed them up by advising folic acid is low with a prescription for this. I have PA, believe my mother died as a result of undiagnosed PA, leading to early onset dementia, and recognize some of the symptoms my niece is presenting. I advised her to request IF to be included in the test, but to no avail. There are 2 further pages of results, but I can't find a way of sending them together (dohhhhh!), so will post them separately. Many thanks.

Admin note: Image contains personal details - deleted to,protect identity. Poster asked to redact information and re-post.

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The image you posted contains your name - so deleted to protect your identity.

Please can you redact the personal,information and re-post the image.

The images in your other two posts also contain your name, so deleting those as well - again, to protect your identity. Likewise, please redact personal information and re-post.

Hi Foggyme, thanks for your prompt attention! I blanked my nieces name at the bottom of the report, and can't see it anywhere else, only the name of staff at the surgery who printed it. Am I having a "senior/foggy moment"?

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We're not allowed to publish names of surgery staff, or GPs etc.

Can only publish names in relation to research articles, books etc.. so nothing personal at all (no email addresses either - just so you know).

Worth taking a look at the privacy guidelines and community guidelines to the right of this page when you log on - or at the bottom if using a phone. They give a full explanation of what can and can't be published in the forum - and other useful stuff too 😉.

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