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Further healing through diet


At the age of 35, I was diagnosed with hashimotos. Two years ago at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, testing positive for both intrinsic factor and parietal cell antibodies. I'm now on a b12 monthly maintenance schedule and doing well. Like many here, I've also known what it's like to be discounted by doctors and feeling helpless. Thankfully through personal education from forums like these, the PAS website, and recommended books - my sense of empowerment has been restored.

At my worst I began my healing journey following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and transitioning over to lighter version of Auto Immune Paleo Diet. Recently I came across the Medical Medium book series and am seeing great results. I would highly recommend any of these diets (or all three).

As my health improves and I start feeling better, I have the tendency to sabotage myself by falling back to the Standard American diet. This usually leads to starting the cycle all over. But as Anthony Robins would say, it's all about the progress. So no matter where you are in the journey, I encourage anyone to continue educating yourself. An open mind helps for sure. You just never know what may do the trick in breaking through that next level in your healing journey.

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Hello research4oscar I just wanted to know if you had lost any weight with the PA ,I have low b12 , and they did the parietal cells antibody test and said that I have pernicious anemia,I’ve been losing weight since maybe just before April I’ve lost nearly 2 stone or maybe more coz I didn’t notice at first ,I’ve had loads of blood tests done they haven’t found anything apart from low vit d and low calcium .

Totally agree, eating the standard recommended diet advised by most doctors (that is high carb, lots of fruit, and low fat ) was extremely detrimental to my healing ... last twelve months since totally overhauling my diet I am now eating a healthy well balanced diet of meat, chicken, lots of veg , a little fruit , and no processed foods , which also means no sugar ,only use olive oil or coconut oil and I feel like I did thirty years ago before my PA diagnosis . I learnt through the elimination process which foods were causing my inflammation and gut issues and avoid those . (Nightshades, grains, and most dairy)

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