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Need advice for diet to heal gastritis...


So here is my issue. I have atrophic gastritis I am trying to heal. I have looked into the diets online and between what I shouldn't eat for gastritis and the autoimmune protocol diet, as well as my own food sensitivities I learned I have through testing... well I pretty much can't eat anything. I talked to a nutritionist who said I should just focus on my own food sensitivities as well as foods that irritate gastritis and not worry about the autoimmune diet. Just wondering if anyone can chime in and offer their knowledge or experience in this arena.

Signed Hungry and Confused!!! :(

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I agree with the nutritionist. Sound advice from an expert.

Did they find out the cause of the gastritis? I had one doctor who diagnosed atrophic gastritis, and wanted to prescribe lots of medicines, but really would not answer my questions. My gastritis caused me gastroparisis, slow digestion. I experienced no indigestion or reflux. I changed to a new gastroenterologist who wanted to do additional tests. Through her testing biopsies and blood work I was diagnosis with autoimmune atrophic gastritis. The diet she suggested is to limit things that are hard to digest and/or cause excessive gas. Since everyone is different, she said to gradually add in one item after total removing the listed items for a while to see how I tolerated that item. Things on my limit list are: beans, soy, most fresh vegetables, sugar alcohols, nuts, coconut, seeds, berries(because of seeds), high fiber foods, dried fruits and meats, and all peeling and seeds from fruits and vegetables. (I had also previously been diagnosed with Celiacs, and was and still follow a gluten free diet.) I have found that coconut does not effect me, but any seeds like chia sesame seeds, berry seeds, and lettuce are killers. The type of gastritis I have will not improve by diet, nor curable, but the diet makes me feel more comfortable. Key thing to me in discovering the type of gastritis I had is the problems it causes like pernicious anemia and stomach cancer. Without the correct diagnosis, I would not have known to get an upper endoscopy yearly to check for polyps. Outlook is good as long as they catch everything early. I was also told to never ever use antacids, as they would do harm to my stomach. Good luck!

shaylynn in reply to Pamcm

It was actually diagnosed as atrophic gastritis. I don't have digestion issues though. Normal BMs and no gas or bloating. Just heartburn, which is actually improving slowly. My Gastro doctor said he wanted me to take milder form of antacid (Not a PPI) for a short term to get the excessive inflammation tamed. Then I will be able to move on to doing ACV or lime juice or HCL to increase my stomach acid. I just read online that celery juice is also great to increase stomach acid, so I just juiced some celery and will have that every morning first thing. I can tolerate the celery juice, but not the ACV or HCL right now. If I can just get things turned around so that I can start to help increase my acid then I think I will be much better. For the diet I am going to try to just focus on not eating foods that aggravate gastritis as well as my own food intolerances that I had tested. Unfortunately, there were quite a few. And then just keep track of any foods that don't sit well with me and note them down. Thank you so much for your insight!

Sunnydevon in reply to shaylynn

Hi Shaylynn, can I ask you what your symptoms are? I have burning in my oesophagus and sore stomach just below ribs. I had Graves’ disease that was treated some years ago. I’m just wondering if it’s possible I have atrophic gastritis as it can run alongside other autoimmune diseases. I had an endoscopy last year but they only did biopsies on my oesophagus which were normal. I hope you don’t mind me asking you. I hope you are doing well with your diet. Kind regards.

Lyynn123 in reply to Sunnydevon

I have a slight occasional burn in my esophagus and occasional tummy issues. My symptoms have improved with a ton of natural healing pills and drinks.

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