Autoimmune protocol diet

I am a pernicious anaemia sufferer (since the age of 21...I'm now 39) and have been on the autoimmune protocol diet for just over a week now. This diet is a version of paleo and is supposed to help with autoimmune disorders. I am starting this post in case anyone else has been doing this diet and wants to compare notes!

This diet involves eating lots of meat (grass-fed), fish, vegetables, fruit, certain fats (coconut oil, olive oil, ghee) and fermented food (sauerkraut and kombucha). And that's pretty much it! Basically no processed foods or carbohydrates.

I've actually found it easy to stick to, as I am very much an 'all or nothing' type of person.

What I've noticed so far (the highs):

I've felt more full up than I used to when eating normally, and my blood sugar has been stable (no lows) so I haven't had craving for sweet stuff.

My lower bowel feels like it's on holiday and I had virtually no period pain (for the first time ever).

I've lost a few pounds (the first time my weight has gone down in over 3 years).

(The lows):

I've felt a bit 'down' and generally not very energetic. (not that I am ever super energetic - but that's thanks to pernicious anaemia). I have read that this is common when starting the diet as it is a bit of an adjustment for the body. I am hoping this will pass.

I have to be careful not to over do the fructose, as I am a bit intolerant and it gives me bad indigestion.

So... that's some of my experience so far. I am hoping I will start feeling better at some point, and it would be good to hear other people's experiences.

Many thanks

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  • Don't forget, for it to be authentic paleo the main bulk of your meat intake must consist of bone marrow, liver and brains - raw.

  • Thanks, but the version I am doing is not raw meat. I don't fancy that! 😮

  • Ah, so you're going for the worms, grubs and insects version?

  • No, don't fancy that either. I'm not a cavewoman!

  • Here's an interesting one. Fasting and it's effect on autoimmune diseases.

  • This is really interesting. Thanks for the link 🙂

  • I found your post interesting in that you approach PA with the Auto-immune protocol.

    I was at the point of posting a question here as I would like to know why we so rarely read about the root cause of the auto-immune mechanism causing PA. Is it so different from the other 200 or so AI conditions I wonder ? With those, we read that the gut is the source and healing it - of the greatest importance.

    As a Crohns sufferer then later Hashimotos I have been able to reduce my thyroid anti-bodies by cutting out gluten - albeit it has taken around 3 years. Maybe the hidden gluten in supplements. I also cut out the nightshades when I experience issues. My gut health has also improved since optimally treating the thyroid and taking various supplements - well something has improved the gut wall as revealed by a recent colonoscopy after years of Crohns complications.

    I wish you well with your approach and will look out for further posts :-)

  • Thank you for your interesting reply. I think that actually I am trying the protocol for 2 reasons, the first being to try and ease my stomach issues (which may or may not be directly related to PA). The second reason is the idea that maybe it would help with the actual mechanism that causes PA. I'm curious, if the diet were to help, then would that mean that I would start to absorb more B12 again and so be less reliant on the injections?

    I'm pleased to hear that dietary changes have helped you :)

  • Following a ketogenic woe for more than a year. Labs for cholesterol and sugar much improved, especially my husband who's had surgeries for heart disease, lung cancer, kidneys. I lost all sugar cravings and 20 pounds. Psoriasis also better. But been si since last xmas so--

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