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Am baffled. December 2005 B12 Level 106. But had not been told. Jan 2006 Had scopes for tummy trouble and was informed I needed to go to my doctors for B12 jabs for PA.

My levels every year where in normal range until 2014 which then have been 2000. Twice the jabs have been stopped for 6 months as my levels where to high. And once I had to have loading dose again. I didn't realise my B12 levels were being checked annually when I was having my annual thyroid test.

Fast forward to now. I saw Dr as I was having real bad breathless problems. I had blood tests. Picked up I needed iron tablets (which was borderline last year). But I notice a test was done for Intrinsic Factor 2.4 u/mL (0-6).

Do I have PA or not?

Receptionist did phone as Dr wanted to know if I still have tingling/pins and needles in my finger and toes. Yes I do (permanent since my jabs were stopped end of 2016 for 6 months). Now the doctor wants to see me

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You might have PA. The IF test is useless, giving negative results in people with PA half the time.

Once you start injections further blood monitoring is useless. This NHS document describes the treatment you should get...

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