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B12 injections create symptoms


Hi All

I was diagnosed as b12 deficient about 4years ago. It was immediately assumed by my doctor/nurses that I had PA but my symptoms do not match the majority of symptoms that bloggers record on this site.

However, my experience has been over this time, that after the 12 weekly injection, my signature symptom returns after 6/8 weeks and it begins with 5/7 occurrences on the first day then, over 5/6 day’s it reduces then ceases.

After the last three injections covering 36 weeks, I have had my signature symptom return very soon after the injection.

My latest injection was Wednesday at 9:50 and by 12:10 my signature symptom reoccurred but this time only once. The same occurred on Thursday - only once and today, so far, only once.

Originally, I had a whole cluster of symptoms which ceased very soon after my injection regime began but the signature symptom continued. It is:

1 I become semi conscious

2 tinnitus occurs - like bad reception on a radio

3 a sense of euphoria and a dream like occurrence which seems to make sense while it’s happening but makes no sense afterwards.The sequence lasts for about 10 seconds.

The tinnitushas not recurred for over two years; the dream like sequence has largely dissipated and when it does happen it is much weaker.

I am simply left with the semi conscious state which occurs out of the blue. If I am listening to someone or reading, suddenly nothing makes sense and it takes several minutes to recover understanding.

My memory is affected temporarily especially sequencing eg something that occurred the previous day would become come - was it yesterday or was it earlier etc.

I must say, I do feel that my condition has improved dramatically since my diagnosis and treatment.

I can articulate whereas before speech fluency was severely affected; my aphasia is still apparent but incidents are less common; I rarely feel exhausted; blurred vision has ceased etc.

But what is it about the injection that is causing the symptoms to occur or is this just a coincidence?

I have yet to discover, of course, whether, as before, the symptoms will recur in 6/8 weeks time.

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I cannot answer your question as I believe more research needs to be done. From family and other experience though, I can only speculate that animal products contain important amino acids and bacteria vital to health, particularly the nerves and brain.

Personally, I'd write to GP with the latest BMJ research document summary only below (GP should be able to access full document - behind a paywall).

A vegan/vegetarian diet does not rule out the fact that you could also have an absorption problem, which can increase with age. This happened to my relative (vegan/vegetarian for many years and misdiagnosed with ME) whose B12 neuro/psychiatric symptoms***of hearing voices and hallucinations increased after dental treatment - probably inactivated by already low B12. Family fought to get correct neurological treatment of "B12 injections every other day until no further improvement", but surgery and psychiatrists finally dismissed this as well as her obvious physical symptoms of B12def. and refused to bring forward or increase B12 injections with disastrous results.


Page 1 - Who gets B12 Deficiency:

"Intrinsic factor is a protein, produced by the parietal cells of the cardiac and fundic mucosa of the stomach. It binds vitamin B12 to allow its absorption through the gastrointestinal tract, by way of a receptor on the intrinsic factor that is specific to cells at the terminal ileum. If there is resection or disease of the gastric mucosa or terminal ileum this leads to vitamin B12 deficiency as a result of malabsorption. "

Page 3 "Neurological features

Neurological impairment includes motor disturbances, sensory loss, abnormal balance and reflexes, cognitive impairment, and memory loss. Extreme cases may present with stupor or psychosis. An estimated 20% of patients with neurological signs do not manifest anaemia.13 Clinical features of anaemia may be minimal and the blood indices may not reflect important anaemia. Neurological symptoms can occur in isolation so it is important to consider a diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency in the presence of neurological symptoms of unknown cause, as neurological features may progress and become irreversible.

Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord involves demyelination of the posterior and lateral tracts. Initial bilateral peripheral neuropathy can progress to axonal degeneration and neuronal death if left untreated. This is followed by disturbances of proprioception, vibratory sense, and areflexia. Patients may mention clumsiness, poor coordination, and difficulty walking. Without treatment, weakness and stiffness may develop, manifesting as spastic ataxia. Damage to peripheral nerves results in sleepiness, altered taste and smell, and optic atrophy. In severe deficiency or advanced stages, a dementia-like illness may be seen, and frank psychosis with ***hallucinations, paranoia, and severe depression.9 13 "


BCSH, NICE and UKNEQAS are all guidelines that also advise treatment without delay, "every other day until no further improvement", for neurological symptoms" - (British National Formulary).


The above site has quite a few links to research papers on neuro/psychiatric symptoms linked to B12 deficiency as well as suggestions for what to write.

Good luck alphabeta - would be a good idea to take someone close with you for extra support at any appointment to ensure this is now taken more seriously.

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