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How much 'should' you inject? How much do you personally inject?


I think I read 1-2 1/2 is all you can absorb at one time?

Not sure if I should inject twice daily sometimes. Is this if symptoms are very bad?

Doing better, and I think daily injections make me more tired and foggy? Hopefully I can get same or better results injecting every other day?

Ty so much!!

Edit: i included other info in another post that got locked up, will try to include and fix later. Ty so much! ox ..

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Hi Fl17, how long have you been injecting? Some symptoms can get worse before they get better. I just started injecting every week after years of bi-weekly, but everyone has different levels of severity. I just discovered details of how our bodies utilize b12 cellularly and how much you have in your blood is not an indication of how much your body is able to use.

Please relate more details; it will help us understand your situation better.

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Ty so much Linda. Sorry, made another post that explained a bit more. Been injecting for almost 2? months now. Haven't injected for 2 weeks, until tonight. Feeling better already.

Took 1 ml. Not sure if I need more?

I guess I don't need daily loading doses, if I've already started injecting? Every other day may help better?

Having some brain, comprehension, memory, impairment? Issues. Also, some tiredness. Think I feel tired on daily doses? And perhaps more foggy? So, am not sure if every other day will be better. Wasn't sure if I need to get the daily injections for 10 or so days 'over with' for best results. Consistency that is, even if I've already started injections. Or just start with every other day.

Interesting, about cellular activity and B12 use, I'll try to look more into it, appreciate.

Hope the weekly is helping you. :) Appreciate the care and help, truly. Ty for taking time to respond.


May try explaining about similar posts later.

Wish you all the best.

I think you’d have more help if you did not post two differing statements, within an hour of each other, saying very little.

Sorry but I’d repost filling us in with more details.

I agree with Linda730’s comments.

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