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Blood results help needed vid d b12 thyroid testosterone MMA pa

Blood results help needed vid d b12 thyroid testosterone MMA pa


I’ve had a lot of blood work done some private as the doctor just thinks I’m depressed I feel it’s something else

Symptoms I’ve had are irritable anxious tired muscle aches back ache muscle twitches from shoulders to legs slightly shakey always had a steady hand some vision issues brain fog short term memory terrible to the point I could not get out of bed feeling like I’m in my body but it’s not me

I went gluten free 16months ago as had some of these problems then but seem to have come back worse I had bloods done at the doctors and also others private they show to me a high bilirubin (Gilbert’s syndrome) low Vit D and I feel a low b12

Opinions please 👍🏻

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unfortunately it looks as if symtpoms of Gilberts overlap with those of B12 deficiency, and those of vitamin D deficiency overlap with B12 deficiency.

If MMA was raised by B12 deficiency then I think you would expect creatinine to also be raised, which it isn't - it is the ratio of these two being out of kilter that would show you had a problem with B12.

You don't have any signs of macrocytosis - larger rounder red blood cells.


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