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London Dietician?


I was diagnosed with PA & gastritis last June & have been SI since then. Also have low B6 & iron levels. Also now seem to have developed lactose intolerance -- still waiting on breath test results. I still get severe abdominal pains after eating large meals and certain foods. Can anyone recommend a dietician based in London that has dealt with PA? I would like to know which foods to avoid or to use supplements to stop the gastritis spreading longer term.

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I’m sorry , I can’t help you with a dietician in London . But perhaps you don’t know , as I didn’t , when first diagnosed with PA , that P.A. patients have low/no stomach acid ( Hypochlorhydria/Achlorhydria ) due to the autoimmune antibodies that attack the parietal cells in the stomach , hindering the production of stomach acid ( hydrochloric acid) and Intrinsic Factor which are needed to absorb B12 .My gastroenterologist told me this because I kept pressing for a stomach acid test . He eventually told me about the lack of stomach acid that afflicts P.A. patients There is no NHS test for stomach acid and no treatment ( that’s where a dietician can help ) But in the meantime look up treatment for Achlorhydria on the Internet . You will find some good tips . Like eating smaller meals but more often , drinking an acidy drink like diluted organic cider vinegar before meals ..Lack of stomach acid upsets the stomach flora, and bad bacteria takes over. This causes pain . I found that probiotics helped - Symprove was excellent, but expensive. I found that homemade raw organic sauerkraut was just as good (I use red cabbage with chopped onion - delicious ) recipe on Internet . Maybe you should be tested for Helicobactor Pylori as well . I’m sure someone will suggest a London dietician soon . In the meantime , all the very best .

i agree with wedgewood about getting tested for h pylori. i have been lactose intolerant for 20 years.

after diagnosised b12 deficient i was found to be positive for h pylori which required 2 rounds of antibiotic treatment before getting a negative breath test. and here it is almost 6 months later and i no longer experience the painful/embarrassing side effects of lactose intolerance.

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