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Today I finally had my first b12 injection! Ouch... however I asked the nurse about other supplements and she said they don’t give her enough appointment time to discuss! So I thought I’d try here... my hemocrit was below range and folate was also low- is there a supplement I can buy that will support both of these?

I have injection 2 on Wednesday and also my 6 months thyroid and vit D check!

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Haematocrit could be low because of your B12 deficiency impairing production of red blood cells. It should get fixed over the next month or so.

Folate might be low for many reasons (do you eat lots of leafy green veg, nuts, seeds or pulses?) Best fix is to buy folic acid from the supermarket and take 400 mcg a day.

While your body is making red cells at a great rate of knots you may become deficient in potassium. Try eating a banana or two a day, or swap your salt for Lo-Salt (which many docs would advise to cut down on the amount of sodium you consume).

Thisgirl1973 in reply to fbirder

Thanks for reply.

I generally eat a banana every day, would happily eat another! and I do try to eat my five a day too but have cut back on nuts lately as I’m trying to lose weight! Failing but trying- stupid thyroid 😭. I will up my green veg and pulses though. I don’t feally think I have much salt, I add when cooking but never add to cooked food. Will pick up some folic acid tomorrow- haven’t taken that since pregnant days!

Does anyone get bloated/painful tummy after injections? I really have tonight! I look pregnant 🙈 x

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