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Hi, I was diagnosed earlier this year and had 6 loading doses at doctors to be followed by injections every 12 weeks indefinitely. My loading doses finished in May and initially I didn't feel much different but all of a sudden I seem to be noticing improvements, does that make sense so long after the loading doses finished?

While waiting for my next injection in 12 weeks time I've been supplementing with boost b12 spray but I'm not sure how much help it was as it was so tasty I'm sure I swallowed more than I absorbed and I used quite a lot of it so I'm now trying Solgar sublingual tabs which my local health store sells, the bottle says 1 tab per day (they're 1000ug) although so far I've been taking 2 a day, would I be ok to take more than that, how many would be too many?

I did consider self injecting but I'm a bit too squeamish to try it just yet so am looking at other possible avenues first.

Also, now the loading doses have finished do I need to continue with iron & folic acid or would a good multi Vit be ok?

Thanks in advance for any advice x

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  • Sorry, meant to ask this too and can't seem to edit original post ... Does it actually help to take vitamins in pill form if I'm not absorbing properly? I have malabsorption since gallbladder removal 3 years ago and diagnosed as Vit d and b12 deficient.


  • You can't overdose on b12 as it is water soluble so excess is just excreted. Before I self injected I was taking up to 10x5000 mcg of methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges daily! It is easier and cheaper to self inject in the end.

    To be honest as you have absorption problems, the sublingual form and spray would be better I think. I too had my gall bladder out just last year and already had absorption problems. Been deficient in b12 for at least 15 years, probably 20, but only discovered this 3 months ago!

    I continue to take folic acid as that needs to be optimal for proper absorption of b12. I take iron too as that was low along with vitamin c as it helps the iron to absorb and minimises constipation. Having injections every 3 months isn't enough for a lot of people which is why they end up self injecting. It's honestly not as bad as you think, especially considering the benefits. :-)

    Fyi if you are taking vitamin d too, as I am, I was advised to take k2 with it as it prevents the extra calcium produced from going into the arteries where it would be dangerous. Instead it takes it to the bones and teeth where it is needed.

  • Thanks, I've tried the Solgar sublinguals for a few days now with no noticeable effect so I'll up the dose and see what happens but I'm beginning to think to see proper results I'll have to bite the bullet and try self injecting as doctor won't prescribe jabs more often than 12 weekly.

    That said, my doctor never told me I needed to take iron or folic acid with the loading doses and when I asked about it she was dismissive and said nothing extra was needed as my levels were ok.

    Yep, I'm on vit d too but dr never mentioned k2. I've got what I hope is a good all round multi Vit, it says it has Vit k1 but no mention of k2, I'll look into that, thank 🙂

  • Hi mazz155 to edit a post of your own I think you have to click on the down arrow next to the LIKE box.

    Just done it and it works for me :)

  • Ah now I feel slightly daft, I tried all kind of things but never even noticed that arrow lol! At least I'll know for next time, thank you 🙂

  • Hi, I am in a similar situation having just finished my 6 loading shots BUT not really felt any different. I am also thinking of trying some lozenges to supplement. What would you recommend? Been off work for a month and going back next week to any advice would be helpful.

  • Hi there,just to say if you have neuro signs then loading dose has to carry on until they stop improving! I've just had 12 every other day and seeing doc tomorrow to see if carrying on!

    Good luck x

  • Hi Janee635,

    Saw the Dr last week, I tested neg for PA so he said just to continue with next monthly injection then to go onto every three months. I have tried twice to give him my list of symptoms(half of the ones on PA site) but he wouldn't listen. He did say the following next shot he would test b12 again. Seriously thinking about looking for a private consultation but in the meantime I would like to try supplements, anything that will keep me going. I have read some of your posts and like you feel worse , tingling feet and hands are now constant although palpitations seem to have stopped thankfully.

  • I can't believe the stories on here re GPs! There's so much variation. I went to doc saying I was tired all the time,couldn't out my finger on what was wrong,knew something wasn't right but felt like a total moaner! They did bloods,I expected nothing to come back so had a surprise with all of this. Doc never tested for PA,the results can be false negatives apparently,she went by symptoms and B12 levels plus vit D very low too. When the six loading doses hadn't worked completely,the nurses(one is much better than the other) were sure I just had to have 3 monthly maintenance and that would be it! I printed off the BNF guidelines re if neuro signs present and went back to doc. She agreed completely and said we carry on for as long as needed and will give maintenance dependent on symptoms,thank god! There's lots of knowledgeable people on here who make a lot of sense re nerves now waking up etc but I have found I'm up and down from one day to the next and I'm still waiting to feel as if most days aren't just a battle or an existence! For the record I was told my red cells were larger than normal ten yrs ago,it could have been going on for longer,no one took any notice or looked into it unfortunately so for me I have no idea how I could have been all these years.

    Hope you can print the info from BNF and get through to your doc,there's no excuse....take care x

  • To Heido - I didn't feel any different after my 6 loading doses, my last jab was at the beginning of May, but a couple of weeks ago I started to notice things changing - my gums aren't randomly bleeding, I don't feel quite as exhausted and the weird breathlessness is happening less. I still have tinnitus in one ear and terrible short term memory among other things but I genuinely feel the b12 is now kicking in for me which is why I want to maintain and hopefully improve on that inbetween jabs.

    I found Solgar sublingual tabs in a local health shop but haven't taken them long enough yet to know whether they help but I'll give it a go, it's my last ditch attempt at avoiding self injecting as I'm a bit squeamish about that!

    I hope things start to improve for you and that you begin to feel better soon. Good luck with work, try to take it easy if you can.

    To janee635 - it's amazing how little GPs seem to know isn't it, mine is insistent I don't need more regular jabs and if I hear the words 'surgery protocol' any more I may just scream lol!

    I'm learning so much more online than from the medical profession and my GP doesnt like it when I say I've read things online so I figure it's time to take things in my own hands now so I'm researching and getting so much useful infromation on here, it's a great help 🙂

  • Hi mazz155, having a bad brain day so forgive this stupid question. Is it ok to use subliminal lozenges of methylcobalamin in between hydroxocobalamin injections? Does it matter if you mix 2 types?

  • Also, now the loading doses have finished do I need to continue with iron & folic acid or would a good multi Vit be ok?

    I'd follow the belt and braces option - a multivitamin that supplies 100% of the RDA plus 400 ug a day of folic acid and a fairly low dose iron supplement (my friend swears by Spatone - 5 mg of easily absorbable iron, I take Solgar Gentle Iron - 25mg).

  • I've picked up a 'natures way, Alive! Women's energy' multi Vit to try, it seems to have quite a comprehensive list of content and 14mg of iron although only has 200ug of folic acid so I'm not sure that's enough but will try it and see - I've never been in a health shop so much in my life before, I just hope to find a combination that works soon 🙂

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