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Anyone know anything about glutathione SI?

I realize this is off the topic of PA, but does anyone have any info on glutathione, SI or IV, or a place where I can find information? I'm particularly interested side effects or adverse reactions and the possible causes along with general information, but I'm coming up pretty dry. What's out there about it is limited. A support group like this would be great.

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There is zero benefit to injecting glutathione. Eat a decent diet and you’ll get all the glutamate, cysteine and glycine for your body to make it’s own.


Thank you for your response. I hear what you're saying, but I've been on a healthy, organic diet since my early 20s, going back into the 80s.

The long and short of it is the body produces less glutathione with age. Less glutathione affects the immune system and this results in increased allergies. Additionally, the gut digestive processes are less efficient and/or reduced, so replacing it through diet isn't always a viable option.

Glutathione can correct a lot of things and taking it through the diet is the way to go, if it or it's procursors are digested. Like B12, injectable glutathione works well when digesting it isn't an option. So, I have to stick with my original question.

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If less glutathione is produced in the elderly, why are they not warned not to take paracetamol?

Paracetamol toxicity is the result of depletion of glutathione by the metabolite NAPQI. If the elderly had significantly lower levels of hepatic glutathione then they would be significantly more sensitive to paracetamol.

They aren’t.


If you can’t absorb the precursors to glutathione in your diet then you’re in real big trouble.

The three amino acids that make up glutathione: glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine, are essential amino acids. If you can’t absorb them, then low levels of glutathione will be the least of your worries. Just about every protein and enzyme in the human body contains at least one of those three. If you’re not absorbing essential amino acids properly then you are dead - very quickly dead.


I'll mention all of this to my prescribing doctor when I see him tomorrow. Thanks for your input.



There was a similar question here but notice some of it is missing 🤔



Hello here in the US getting all kinds of vitamin and supplement injections is very popular. I am currently on iv infusions as my celiac has become refractory. The place that does my infusions does a special bag with glutothione and all kinds of vitamins. I looked into it as i am always curious when healthy people are going through the process of getting iv infusions. I see that it can have amazing benefits but i found out through some in depth reserach that if you are low in any of your antioxidant pathways ie vitamin e and c that glutathione can make you very unwell. I found that pretty interesting since those are 2 of the 6 vitamin deficiencies I'm being treated for. Just some random info for you. Good luck on your health journey


Peepsdog, that is some very interesting information. Thank you!


Dear loves-dogs - I'm new here, but have been getting the shots for 6 months and my life has completely turned around. Have done alot of research and reading on my own. I had blood levels of all nutrients checked in December (before the shots) and found out that along with all the B vitamins, I was really very low in Glutathione. I have discovered --- and if this is wrong I hope someone can tell me - that taking N-Acetylcystiene (NAC) supplements helps support the body when low in glutathione. I believe it is a pre-cursor. I have been researching this stuff all on my own - its very complicated and confusing . I have also read that creams with glutathione are better than taking a capsule (again anyone with medical knowledge please correct me). As I am slowly learning that all the vitamins and minerals are interconnected, I am beginning to wonder if a deficiency in something caused my glutathione to drop drastically . Good luck with your journey.


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