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Experience after first B12 injection


Hi there, i am new to this forum. My name is Patrick and I was just diagnosed yesterday with B12 deficiency. (Level is 199) I also got my first B12 shot injected yesterday. It’s supposed to last for a month, and then I come back again to get a new shot so on and so forth. Anyways my experience so far I kind of started to feel better over all right away. Now I don’t know if it was a mental placebo effect or not. So I had some alcohol just before bed and woke up 2 hours later, kind of felt nauseated and a weird buzzing feeling in my body, so lay there and kept tossing and turning until I finally went back to sleep. When I woke up I felt so incredibly fatigued. Now to my question is this a normal thing to feel more tired after the shot or was it a bad thing to have some alcohol (two glasses of wine) same day after the first administered b12 shot? Anyone else with same experience or who can shed some more light on this.



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Everyone differs with these things but i find (and i think ive read too but im fogy and dont to misqoute or misinform) that booze amd PA or deficienct really dont mix, ive been PA my whole life but when i started getting seriously bad a while ago (PA bad not booze) i found any booze just destroyed me so i stayed well away md just let the b12 do its job and heal all the damage that had been done from not enough of it (one every 2 months now its as symptoms show but basically every 1 -2 days)

I dont think mixing b12 and boose will hurt you, b12 is basically harmless... but i do think it impedes the healing the vitiman has to do a bit...and maybe lowers b12 levels a bit. also maybe have folate checked and keep on top of other vitimins as you start to heal (if tyere is any damage as there was with me -walking , heart, breathing nerve yada yada yada-) these other vitimins will start to be used more... folate is especially important f9r b12 function too...

If course im not a doctor, and im just saying my experince which differs freatly from person to person

But if i do drink now (still not healwd completley but so much better than before) i regret anythimg more tham half a pint or a small wine.... and even then... but i was in a bad state of Illness before so doesnt supprise me and i avoid it really ... in my case i find the symptom relief and pain relief and so on from b12 far out wieghs temporary relief of booze and horridness after....but ill point out thats only really a point since going "up a step" in PA symptoms and illness efore getting worse i was certianly not a drinker but okay with a pint or two... this may just be mmy body being damaged from the illness making me intolerant... i dont know... anyway im rambling... my point is in my book if you b12 deficient and getting symptoms not worth slowing any healing down that the b12 may be helpung with via intoxicants ... if you feel fine though go ahead...

Again not a doctor or medical and theres many more knolledagable people on here....i just hate thought of what i had with b12 issues so yeahm.. hope ive helped and you feel well soon

Maybe read through some of the posts on here... if memory serves theres a few tooics simlar to this about alchols relationship with PA and so on...far better than my ramblings :)

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I feel a bit energized after my injections for a couple of hours and then all I want to do is sleep. I'm fine the next day but the day of injections I find it difficult to not have a nap. I know I have heard this from many people. I don't drink so I'm not sure about the alcohol consumption. I have read that moderate drinking can affect absorption of b12.

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I understand that all registered alcoholics have b12 injections I assume because the alcohol affects their liver (although they possibly have crap diets with low b12) hence alcohol presumably depletes b12 or hinders it’s absorption.

Not sure about small amounts.

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