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My B12 and Folate levels

Hey everyone, just curious what you guys think of my b12 and folate levels as im curious to know if they could be causing all my symptoms like dizziness, lightheadedness, trouble sitting up or standing without my symptoms getting worse and getting to pre syncope, nausea, tremor, extreme fatigue etc

My last b12 and folate results from a month back

B12 289 211 - 911

(most b12 tests iv had before are around the 210 mark)

Folate 3.03 >> 5.38 ug/L LOW

I think i may of been taking a b complex for a little while before hand, and also i eat loads and loads of meat. Will this folate level cause symptoms? i also found out i have the MTHFR gene homozygous a1298c.

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symptoms of folate deficiency very similar to B12 deficiency but tend to develop much more rapidly

this is what BCHS guidelines say about interpreting serum folate test

There is no clear consensus on the level of serum folate that indicates deficiency. Conventionally, clinicians have used serum folate lower than 7 nmol/l (3 μg/l) as a guideline because the risk of megaloblastic anaemia greatly increases below this level. However, there is a sizeable ‘indeterminate zone’ [between approximately 7 and 10 nmol/l (3 and 4·5 μg/l)]. Therefore, a low serum folate level should be taken as suggestive of deficiency rather than as a highly sensitive diagnostic test.

could you say more about previous B12 tests. were they before or after the symptoms you mention started?


Sadly iv only got results after my symptoms started as before all of this i was perfectly fine

from 2015

Vitamin B12

L 166

Deficient <140 pmol/L

Insufficient 140 - 250

Consider reducing dose >725

Serum Folate 11.02 10.4 - 42.4 nmol/L


5did you have any treatment following the test results in 2015? or have you been supplementing at all


Nothing from the doctors but now and then i have supplemented with b12 lozenges, but only on and off as im lost in the cause of my symptoms you know? :(


unless your diet is really bad a folate deficiency is indicative of an absorption problem which is probably affecting your ability to absorb B12 as well. Do you have any issues with iron absorption/low iron?


iv just read your story on your profile and its amazing! sounds alot like me too!


There is no reproducible evidence for any adverse results from being homozygous for A1298>C.

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I'm not an expert but i would be more inclined to say that your symptoms are due to your b12, I wouldn't supplement with folate but rather eat more leafy green vegetables and fruit as they are high in folate and would make you feel better in general, supplementation with folate should only be done if b12 levels are sufficient as it can cause the levels to fall and mask the symptoms. If after changing diet your folate levels are still low it could be an absorption problem.

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I definitely need to eat more leafy greens thats for sure! thank you i didnt know that

Edit: didnt know about the mask part :P


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