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PA and severe weightloss

Hi all. I've been posting about my stomach issues and have appriciated your comments. Update on my stomach. I ended going to the ER and found I was severely blocked. I was given a surgery prep to ease this and it's helping. I'll go soon to a GI guy and hopefully get some answers on stomach issues and weightloss. I crunched the numbers and I'm now at 29% body weightloss. I started at a healthy 133 and now 94 pounds. I'm not trying at all to lose weight and was hoping since taking my jabs that I would start to gain. Been receiving treatment for PA for 9 mos now and still losing weight. A couple of problems here. First, the weightloss is so gradual that docs haven't paid much attention. Maybe thinking stress from bone tumors and losing my leg was so stressful, I was depressed and that's the cause. I don't feel this is true. I feel very excited about getting prostheic leg and getting back to life. I have lots of plans. Another problem is that unless they can pinpoint the issue, I don't feel I can last longer than a year at this rate. I eat all the time. Its just small meals because I get full quickly. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

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Wowo23 - sorry that things are getting so complicated.

Whilst some of us do experience an improvement in gastric conditions with B12 treatment it, unfortunately doesn't mean that everyone will, and I have no real idea what the mechanism that leads to the improvement as the stomach issues are really the cause of the B12 deficiency rather than the other way round.

I haven't had problems with weight loss as a result of PA or gastric conditions but I know there are members of the forum who have.

I really hope that you do manage to get to the bottom of what is causing the gastric problems. Have you been tested for crohn's and coeliacs?


Thanks so much for your reply. I haven't been tested for much yet. I go to my primary on Friday and hope to get the ball rolling. I believe it's either Gastric or Thyroid. Neither have been tested in depth

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