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Nightmare ordering my B12 from Versandapo

So I placed my first order for my B12 from Versandapo on 22 February, I have since had nothing but trouble getting it delivered via UK Mail, they say they have tried delivery on 2 occasions last week, but they didn’t even leave a calling card and now the tracking says due for delivery on 1st March, which of course it again didn’t arrive and again no card left. I’ve contacted the courier several times and they are now ignoring my emails however the last thing I heard from them was that they couldn’t locate my package and a search was being requested, that was Friday 2nd March. I’ve emailed Versandapo and enclosed the UKMail message which says they can’t find it and asked Versandapo to send me a replacement, they won’t accept its lost and won’t send a replacement or refund until they have launched an investigation with DHL which they say will take 6-8 weeks, so I’m not a happy bunny!!

I’ve been put off from further orders from Versandapo understandably so want to try Goldpharma but I’m not sure which B12 I should be ordering can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve only got money for a 10 pack at the moment so can someone please tell me which make/pack they have bought? Thanks

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I have , in 2 1/2 years never had a problem with versandapo apo. I have heard some odd things about Goldpharma . Someone wrote that it had been taken over by Chinese ! “ mycare.de in English” is a pharmacy that some people use. I just got on there , and saw that their shipping was $12 . And that the B12 ampoules were a bit dearer . Give them a try .


I've also had troubles with the supplier and DHL.

First one messed my address details, so DHL delivered it to the other house on my road. This was just before Xmas!

Only thanks to the neighbour, the guy who my parcel was delivered to, who came over and ask me if the parcel was meant for me, I got it in the end.


Deb's I order from VitaminQuick out of the us. Never failed methylcobalamin formula and always shipped on time quick. Just my experience


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