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Is this the gets worse before it gets better part?

Okay so the first maybe 2 months of more regular treatmemt (had lifelong PA but doses every 2 months now self medicate as symptoms show on average every 3 days or so) did wonders.... literally a miricale ... i couldnt walk i shook i hurt all the time... and it fixed all that to a decent degree :D no complaints there

But now 2 months in i find symptoms return very quickly.... well i can walk and everything... just pains fatigue and really bad fog and mental state usually within a day worse after 2... the jab still fixes all issues... my partner and her family say the differnce is like day and night.. (as in before jab i look like and act like death afterward im like a new man... im the only one noticinfg symptoms returning quicker...maybe im noticing it more as im getting better and things i was numb to before i notice now?) but it does scare me how things seem to return quicker in the past 2 weeks or so (thats a geuss could be less)

Im putting this down to maybe my body begining to properly heal now it has a regular amount of b12 getting to it and its all the damage beggining to fixed (id assume being wheelchair bound and struggling for breath before means alot of healing to go) but yeah just looking for feedback really... just did jab a few hours back when i got a bit horrid , (feel fine now beside some very minor pain in arm and chest which is barley noticible by comparision , brain fog is entirley gone ,,, the brain fog is kind of the scary bit now walking and breathing are less of an issue which is a good thing i think... kind off ) but more than likley halfway through tomorrow ill start going downhill again... i have heard healing can be like this... but yes ideas opinions?

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Hi Fudgemanjim did you ever have your Folate level checked?


No, im getting drs here to check while we set up life abroad... my uk docs wernt much help... in the meantime i am taking one folate tablet a day just incase as i renember being told its needed for b12 to function properly... right now place weve moved to is delayed so its struggle to do much

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One folate a day (1?g i think) round up being pharmacys recomendation... actual doctors told me 1 injection every 2 months and all in my mind as PA has no effects



There are quite a few people who have found the same thing and many of us need to do daily jabs and a few need to do them twice daily. Some people have been doing this for decades to good effect so it does not seem to be a problem.

As the extra B12 works it uses up other minerals and vitamins and if any of these are in short supply they will become the next "limiting factor" and will stop the process working. In some cases you can then show deficiency symptoms of these as a result too.

Lots of people taking extra B12 have to take extra vitamins and minerals, including folate, potassium, magnesium and iron. I suggest that you Google these to see what deficiency and excess symptoms are and what foods supply them.

A broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement is a good starting point with additional folic acid (you might need as much as 5mg per day including that in the multivitamin and mineral supplement), potassium which you can get by using a little LoSalt if you can't get enough from your diet and magnesium as magnesium chloride or magnesium sulphate in your bath or with a skin spray as it is absorbed through your skin.

I also find others around me can tell when I need more supplements before I can and they have got better at telling me to help me. It's like the first bit that goes is our consciousness of ourselves as "our batteries go flat"!

Try to work out at what point this happens and then do your jab regularly just before this so you make sure your body is not struggling with a deficiency every couple of days. If you keep all your levels up you will heal any damage much quicker.


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